Hairstyle Alert: 7 Easy And Fast Ways to Put Your Hair Up with Box Braids

Hairstyle Alert: 7 Easy And Fast Ways to Put Your Hair Up with Box Braids


Calling all girls with braids!

A struggle with girls with the braid hairstyle  is being able to give it a twist of glam without damaging your braids! Here are seven easy ways to style your braids without damaging your hair!

Style 1: Super Sonic Half Up!

A quick and easy pull-back look! When your braids constantly fall in your face it can and will get annoying so an easy solution to getting your hair out of your face without damaging your braid is taking a few pieces from each side of your hairline and pulling them into a loose pony secured by your TIY hair tie! This pull-back look is practical, functional, and fashionable. This is the easiest hairstyle you can do; when you are on the go and do not have a lot of time to pull your braids back, it will take about one minute top to do this!

easy half up with braids TIY hair tie one loop burnt orange

Style 2: Half Up Pony Tail

Similar to style one, try a half up half down look! This is a timeless hairstyle and with braids it can seem tricky to do it, but that is if you use a regular elastic hair tie not a TIY! To do a half up half down look first; pull your hair up and when you think you have enough hair, pull it back into a half pony and instead of tying it with a elastic hair band, which will inevitably snap, tie it with a TIY which won't damage the braids and will add a fun pop of color to your look!

Style 3: Half Way Messy Bun!

One of my favorite hairstyles using a TIY is a half up half down messy bun! I love messy buns, it's an easy hairstyle that always looks good. But unfortunately when i use a regular hair band, it will either snap or leave weird indentations in my hair. But since i've been using my TIY my messy bun style has upgraded! How to do it: start with putting your hair up like you are doing a half up half down ponytail, but instead of securing it as a pony, wrap the TIY around your hair then form a bun in whatever style you want then secure it with your TIY and you are ready to go.

Messy bun with box braids using TIY two loops hair tie chili pepper

Style 4: Ariana Grande's Pony. Period. 

High ponytails are never easy and like Andrea said in her video, she will either have to use several elastic hair ties, a headband, or a coil hair tie and none of those really work. The elastic hair tie damages the braid and snaps, a headband damaged her braid, and with a coil hair tie her braids got stuck between the coils. Each of those hair bands take too much time without a good result. However when she used a TIY, instead of having it pre-tied, she put her hair in the high pony then wrapped the TIY string around her hair till she felt it was secure then tied it. This was one of the easiest high ponytail demonstrations I have ever seen, it was effortless. She was able to use a TIY for a high pony in about two minutes while it take me about 5-6 minutes when i am using a regular hair tie. One last amazing feature about this high pony using a TIY is all you have to do when taking the hair tie off is untie the bow and unwrap the string. Instead of ripping if out of your hair and damaging your braids.

Ariana Grande Sleek high pony tail with TIY pro system electric pinkbox braids pony tail with light blu TIY hair tie, Ariana Grande high sleek

Style 5: Primal Bun.

A high bun! Put your hair in a high pony like Andrea demonstrated in Style four. Then once it is secure, divide your hair into two pieces and twist each half. Take the two, now twisted halfs, and wrap them around one another forming a bun. To secure it, take a 17in TIY ribbon loop it twice and knot it them either wrap it around the base of your bun so that you do not see that there is a hair tie or double loop it around the bun itself for a practical and functional look. The second style is good to use if you are working out or having an extra activities that day when you do not want your bun to become loose and you have to stop what you are doing to redo it.

high bun with box braids TIY hair tie maintenance of braided hair style

Style 6: Jasmine's Updo

One of the most important things a girl wants for her hair is functionality and sometimes high ponies are not the most functional style especially when working out. You do not want your braid slapping you in the face when you are running or getting in your eyes during yoga. An easy solution to that is: put your hair in a high pony like Style 4 and instead of leaving it as is, take another TIY and wrap it around your pony half way down! For those who have seen Aladdin, this hairstyle reminds me of Jasmine's! This is cute and most importantly functional hair style for an everyday look!

Style 7: Royal Updo

The final and my favorite look is a crown like twist. First part your hair to the side then take a small piece of braids and twist them with the remainder of hair continue the pattern till you have a “crown” forming. Then take a couple of braids from the other side of your hair and pull that back and meet it with the newly formed crown hair and wrap it in your one loop TIY. And then you have a cute crown pull back look! Another way to style the crown look is instead of pulling it back, continue it into a chunky, thick braid and secure it at the end with a TIY!

crown twisted bos braids up do with TIY hair tie white snowflakecrown twisted box braids up do with TIY hair tie white snowflake holidays look


These seven looks are effortless do to and makes you look like you are ready for the runway! I

hope you enjoyed them! Show us some of your own creations using your TIY!

Thank you for sharing the Love!

-Sophia Del Conte.

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