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Irene Nagasaka

Irene Nagasaka

Cross Country and Track Runner

“The thing I love most about TIY is its versatility. Their products are easily customizable and are perfect for all hair types— thin, thick, straight, curly, etc.. TIY sells hair ties that bring people together, creating a community in which all can participate. Once you try TIY products, there’s no going back.”


I have thick hair so I always struggled to find hair ties that would hold all of my hair up for runs, races, and even general lifestyle activities. I explored all types of drugstore hair ties and still couldn’t find the one that perfectly fit my hair needs. I wanted/needed a hair tie that would successfully stay in my hair without having to go through the hassle of retying my pony, or making any lasting hair indents that would damage my hair. After following Colleen Quigley, an Olympian steeplechaser via instagram, I noticed she strongly promoted TIY products. This is when I made the switch and decided to give TIY hair ties a chance; now I cannot use any other hair tie. 


I am excited to work with such a strong and empowering group of female athletes who are unique in their own way. I want to continue to promote TIY hair ties in hopes of reaching other female athletes and creating a community where all of us can relate to the struggles with our hair.


Hair Monsters

  • Images/Vids of messy hair
  • Wind blowing hair at beach?
  • Morning hair/bed hair


What Is Your Favorite Hair Style?

  • Simple pony for casual runs
  • Two dutch braids into pony for races and or workouts 


How Many Loops Do You Wear?

  • Three for pony
  • One or two for end of braids

Watch the video above to learn more about the TIY Team's Irene Nagasaka and her obsession with TIY hair ties!

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