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Product Description

Stretchy, High-Performance Hair Ties — When you need your hair tie to perform, TIY is the way to go. Ultimate stretch, optimal security and the best hair ties on the market.

Makes 6 Custom Hair Ties — TIY Pro is 41 inches in length and can make as many as 6 customized hair ties, perfectly sized to fit your hair.

Hair Tie Cutter — The value of pro is that it comes in an easy-to-find case (bottom of your bag, anyone?) and a handy hair tie cutter for easy sizing in seconds.

The Hair Tie for Your Hair Type — We designed TIY with you in mind: whether you have curly hair, straight hair, textured hair, braided hair or any other hair type, you can create a hair tie that’s just the right size and fit.

Hair Tie Accessories — Want even more from your TIY? We know you’re going to fall in love with our hair tie colors, so the sweet news is that you can use them to make even more! Create hair tie bracelets, hair bands, mask ties and other hair tie accessories.

The Best Hair Tie for Any Hair Type

(Say that out loud - it sounds really cool.) Maybe because TIY was founded by a group of international athletes, we have a soft spot for making our hair accessory products available for anyone and everyone. 

No two of us are the same: and neither are the hair ties that work for us! That’s why we don’t just have the best hair ties to prevent breakage and promote hair health (you’re welcome for that), we also have the best hair ties for thick hair, best hair ties for curly hair, best hair ties for fine hair… you get the idea. 

Whatever you’ve got to work with, TIY hair products can hold your hair back so you can get in the game.

Want to see some IRL examples of how all of this looping and tying works? It’s almost too easy: watch here.

Best Hair Ties That Don’t Stretch Out

We’ve all been there: you watch that elastic hair tie get thinner on one side… it’s only a matter of time before it breaks. Most of us buy at least a pack of hair ties every few weeks and wear them until they stretch out, snap and then start over again.

TIY is here to break this (annoying) cycle and provide you with the last hair ties you’ll ever need to buy. Think we’re kidding? Read our reviews. These women came to play and give you the inside scoop on just how great our hair ties perform. 

How To Tie


3 - 5 inches 1 loop


17 inches 2 loops


34 inches 4 loops

Customer Reviews

Based on 548 reviews
Jon R

Had my hair tie for a little over a month now and love it. Will be purchasing more in the future and never going back to cheaper hair ties!

william padilla
Amazing hair ties!

I really like them the fact that they can be done and undone is great also they do not pull your hair at all!

Nenad Cuk


Love these hair ties

This is my 3rd time order TIY and I absolutely love them. They are strong, long lasting, and very cute. My most favorite hair ties and I’ve tried many many over the years! I wear a bright one as an anklet all summer too!

Juan Santos Camou
Wrong color

I picked black, somehow my order ended up being a bright lime green. I requested an exchange, since I can’t use the green, and I received an email stating I would be sent the correct one two weeks ago, still nothing.


Per our response on 05/11/2022.
“Actually checking on the order you did indeed order a lime green! There was no mistake on our part.

To exchange it, you would have to mail it back to us.

Here is our return policy:

We will issue a full refund once received and you can proceed placing the order for the Midnight Pro.



Let Down

I have been on a crusade to find the best hair band and bought TIY pro thinking there was potential to be it. Well…. It isn’t. The elastic seemed fine, but the TIY pro case is a let down. It does not rewind and so once you take out a piece of elastic you are stuck with it… there is no way reel in the elastic and you are supposed to buy a new case every time you run out of elastic. Very poor user experience. Also, the hairband elastic looks cheap and like a broken hairband because of the strands sticking out. Overall a letdown…..

Hi Chelsea,

I am sorry to hear that you feel this way about TIY. When we created the TIY Pro the main thought behind it was the cutting system, given the fact that the product lasts for so long (up to 3 years for some people) we usually suggest people that use less loops to have the cutter with them. If you have thicker hair and/or use more loops, we always suggest the basic option since the entire 34” can be used for those loops.

We are working on a refillable version as we speak, since it has been an incredible hit amongst majority(96%) of our users.

As far as the “antennas' that you are referring to when you say that it looks like a broken band are part of our brand. We have a trademarked #spottheknot, so all the people that have seen TIY from the olympics to the junior’s practice gyms around the world, know that is TIY!

I would like to hear how the elastic performs and/if it fulfills the need of your hair.