TIY is a premium colored customizable hair tie created for athletes that love fashion and high performance. DIY and easy to make, it adjusts to the volume of your hair avoiding breakages, stretch out dents, etc. Perfect for pony tail, sleek hair styles unicorn pro system

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It took real engineering to solve all of your hair tie the problems. With a tightly wound elastomer core wrapped in a pliable nylon coating, the TIY® hair tie actually does what you want it to – holds your hair in place without causing any creasing or damaging your hair. It is fully customizable to your hair – you cut and tie based on the length, thickness and texture of your hair. Our PRO system makes it easy with its revolutionary built in cutter. Our Basic TIY® is just the elastic itself – you decide on the length, cut it with old fashioned scissors and create the knot of your choice. One tie will last you for months, but we’re guessing (hoping) your TIY® will inspire you to create by mixing our 14 colors into fun ties, hair bands, jewelry, shoelaces, you name it.

The TIY® Pro is 41 inches and will make approximately 4 – 6 hair ties, depending on the volume and texture of your hair, and the TIY® Basic is 37 inches and will make approximately 3 – 6 hair ties, depending on the volume and texture of your hair. Purchase this Gift Card to give your friends the gift of TIY®, and they will thank you forever.