15 Hacks for Healthier Hair

15 Hacks for Healthier Hair

Healthy hair is something that takes commitment and practice. Everyone has different hair that will respond to hair care differently. That being said, there are some general hacks that typically work for all hair types. Here are some hacks we recommend for healthier hair:

  • The right hair tie

Tying your hair up is not always the healthiest for your hair. It can damage the hair shaft, pull at the root, and especially damage the hair if it is wet. While many of us with longer hair cannot avoid putting our hair up, TIY has the solution to a hair tie that won't pull or break the hair shaft. Our hair ties are made for all hair types, and our multi-loop system allows our hair ties to function for every level of thickness imaginable. Take our quiz on our website to figure out which loop is right for you.

  • Wet hair

When our hair is wet it is at it's most vulnerable. Our hair is more elastic and stretchy when wet, making it much, much more susceptible to breakage. We recommend being extra kind to your hair when it is wet. After the shower be careful when you are brushing out your hair. Swapping your brush out for a comb might help reduce breakage, and if possible try not to braid or tie up your hair when wet.

  • Silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are a great way to keep your hair healthy while you sleep. When we sleep we toss and turn and can damage our hair in the process. Opt for a silk pillowcase to keep your strands happy while you sleep.

  • Oils

Trying different hair oils for your hair type is a fantastic way to increase hydration and shine to your hair. This step is a hair-by-hair basis. Depending on your hair type and thickness, you will need to personalize this step. Coconut oil is one of the only oils that can work for every hair type. Argon oil, Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, Avocado oil, and Sunflower oil are all options for more specific hair problems.

  • Scalp massages

You don't need to go to a spa for this massage. It can be done every time you wash your hair, or even on dry hair to help promote hair growth. Stimulating the scalp is the most important aspect to this step. Giving yourself a head massage will help your hair grow longer as well as help you relax! 

  • Getting the right shampoo and conditioner

Some brands have more harmful chemicals than others. It's important to be cautious that your shampoo and conditioner are helping your hair, not harming it. We recommend looking for brands that avoid using parabens and sodium chloride.

  • Regular trims

Believe it or not, trimming your ends regularly will help your hair grow longer. By cutting off the dead ends frequently, you save your hair from more breakage. Leaving the damaged ends can cause the breakage to move up higher, which will result in needing a bigger chop in the future. Save yourself the time it would take to grow it out again by getting a trim every few months if possible. 

  • Regulate heat usage

It's no secret that head damages your hair. Heat is the easiest way to destroy healthy hair. A great way to reduce head usage is to use a heat protectant, or to try out some heat less hairstyles!

  • Avoid chlorine

Chlorine dries out hair fast. It's important that if you are going to be swimming a lot this summer in pools, you should douse your hair in regular water before getting in the pool. This allows your hair to absorb the clean water instead of the chlorine.

  • Try not to wash every day

Washing your hair every day is drying to your hair. This is personalized to hair weight, style, and type. Some hair types need to be washed more frequently than others. No matter what, it is good to try to wash your hair at least every other day. Give your hair and you a break!

  • Don't go to bed with your hair wet

Going back to being careful with your hair wet, sleeping with your hair wet is a huge no no. It is rare that we sleep completely still, and more often than not we twist and turn and put pressure on our hair during the night. If your hair is wet it is vulnerable to breakage, and sleeping on wet hair is a sure fire way to damage your hair.

  • Being healthy

When we eat healthy and drink a lot of water, our entire body thanks us. Better skin, better health, and of course, better hair.

  • Cold water

Washing your hair in cooler water than the rest of our steamy showers is a great way to not damage your wet hair. Any heat can damage your hair, even hot water!

  • Cover in the sun

Again, any heat damages your hair. If you live in a sunny area, be sure to wear a hat every now and then to keep your hair safe from the heat.

  • Space out dying your hair

Dying your hair is fun, exciting and helps our self confidence. However, it can be harsh on your hair. Be sure to space out your hair coloring appointments so that you hair has time to get stronger and rest from any color treatments.


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