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It’s the ultimate gift and it fits every time (win-win). No need to ask a size or style: a hair tie gift card lets someone choose exactly what they want. And, let’s face it, that’s a gift all by itself.

Ok, we really do get it, finding a gift idea for a girl—especially an active one—can be a challenge. We make it easy for you by letting your special someone choose the hair tie gift they actually want. 

Bonus: TIY hair ties aren’t just hair ties. Multipurpose uses we’ve seen our customers rock include mask ties, headbands, and even bracelets. Tons of fun, easy to wrap, and small enough to tuck away for a little surprise. Buy hair ties for the whole team, hair tie packs to share, or matching hair ties for an event or competition.

Hair Tie Gifts

Gifting a TIY hair tie works for anyone at any time. Want to thank a friend for picking up brunch after yoga? Need to add a little something to a hostess present? Ready to congratulate your bestie for crushing it at the gym? It’s important to celebrate all of the little (and big) things in life! We think a TIY gift card is the perfect choice.

Sports Team Gift Ideas

TIY gift cards are an awesome way to give a hair tie gift for tournaments to team members from around the country. Send the gift card straight to each player and let them pick out their colors (or get matchy with your team spirit) and enjoy the fun… and awesome hair… while you play your way to the top!

Gift for Gym Buddy

Looking for cute gifts for your gym buddy? A TIY gif-cards, obvs! Seriously, this is a sweet way to love on your burpee buddy, without shelling out for Lulu. A little gesture goes a long way: so send some love!