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Great ties, too much plastic, too many emails

I love the product. I don’t love that there isn’t a return process for the plastic containers. That is a lot of trash. They also send a million emails with no opt option to leave this review. Hopefully the emails stop after this.

Best hair ties ... EVER

I have very fine (but a lot) of hair. Finding hair ties that keep my hair in a pony tail for an entire workout or run has been SO hard. These are amazing! I like that you can make these as thick as you need them to be & they actually work! Will absolutely continue to buy these!

Great elastics

The best hair ties I have tried. They get my long thick hair in a high pony for my run.

Love these

I love these hair ties. I had a difficult time tying them at first but once I figured that out, I grew to love them. My old hair ties stretched out really fast and that is not the case with these :)

Love them!

Way better than regular hair elastics! Can also re-tie them if necessary.

Works Great for Thick Hair

My wife has thick and long hair. She uses 4 loops and hasn't had a problem with her hair falling out of the braid or pontytail. It's her go to hair tie now.

TIY is all I use now :)

This is my third purchase/gift of TIY and there's no looking back for me and my thick hair. After daily use for running/working out, I can get 6 months of use out of a single 4 loop hair tie. It seems so much more eco-friendly than buying packs of hair ties that break after one use. Because I make the 'thick' ponytail, I prefer the basic since I use all the elastic in pretty much one go.

Great bands!

My daughter LOVES these bands. Never hurt her hair. Easy to put in and take out. We are customers for life!

Best. Hair. Tiy. Ever.

First off, let me start by saying I have thick, coarse, curly hair, and lots of it. I've tried everything from regular hair ties, invisi bobbles of all sizes and then.... my sister introduced me to these. My sister has long, gorgeous, thick hair that goes all the way down her back and no hair tie could ever hold up all of her hair. Then, just like magic, the two of us met our matches. The tiy hairties take the cake. For me, 2 loops works best for my curly hair, but my sister needed one whole tiy for her hair. No hair tie in the history of the world has been able to handle both of our heads of hair, all day long, at amusement parks, on hikes, working in the garden. You name it, these hairties have stood the test of thick hair, crazy activity and WON. Every. Single. Time. These hairties are an investment, but man. They are an investment that every girl should make for herself. Thank you tiy for making one amazing product that doesn't disappoint!

Love these customizable hair ties !

My mom said that if TIY were existing when i was a little girl, she would have saved a lot of money on broken ties.
They are just a life changer 🥰
On my pic I watch my local volleyball team wearing TIY too 🤩

Great at it's job!

Did exactly what it was supposed to...loved how soft it was and how I could customize it. However i felt like it stretched out quickly. I do use them while surfing so the salt water may affect them differently. But pleased overall and will most likely repurchase!

Adjustable to perfect fit

These ties are adjustable to YOUR hair ! And that’s enough to say they’re awesome. :)

These hair ties are pretty awesome. I love that they’re customizeable and they don’t cause breakage to my hair. I wear it up a lot and my hair has never been healthier. I love all the colors and creating loops and even baby loops for braids! I will never use any other hair tie again.


Love them,they hold the hair, awesome product. Thanks

A Runners Dream

I have thick long hair and hair ties always slip! I recently tried TIY and will NEVER use anything else again. On the track for speed work, or a 20 miler the TIY stay put (and they are cute). I feel like I’m in an exclusive club with a big secret lol!

Love them!

Seriously so happy that I found tiy. They last and are so comfortable in my hair. My the original tiy hair bands have lasted for over 2 years and are still going strong. I have med to longish hair and have worn them in ponytails, buns, and braids. They keep my hair secure under my swim cap, don’t slip, and I have no problems getting them out. These are the only hair bands that I use.

TIY is the way to GO!

I think these hair ties are great. I enjoy how there are a variety of colors to chose from and you can really find a way to make your purchase personal to yourself. TIY holds up great and create a strong grip, especially during workout. The best part is that they are totally customizable ! You can loop once, twice, or three times...even FOUR times for girls with curly or thick hair (like myself).

Love these!

I received my package of 4 within a couple of days. I love how well they hold my hair. I placed a second order to include the dispenser! My daughter is a Libero and she is always flying all over the court. She just wore a TIY at her most recent tournament and she couldn't believe how well it held her hair. I

Love them,they work so well

Great product, could use a little more precise instructions for the first time cutting and tying. Maybe a link to a video on the package?

comfortable! and stays in place.

I have a small head and headbands never stay on - I especially like wearing them to bed. These stay on all night, and I don't even notice they are there!

Fun team gift!

Gave these in team colors to my daughter’s college volleyball team. They all loved them and use them for practice and matches regularly now!

Great product!

Beautiful rubber

Love my TIY!

I had been eyeing these for awhile after seeing Colleen Quigley post about them lots and finally decided to buy one and I'm so glad I did! I have thick hair and it never stayed in a ponytail very well. Well the TIY hair tie kept my hair in place and didn't budge on my runs! I even ran a mile time trial in the rain and my hair didn't move at all. I'm so glad I found something to keep my hair in place when I run! Time to start collecting more colors!


Love this! I have thick heavy hair and I ordered the TIY Pro for medium hair and it holds perfectly with 4 loops! I also like to just wear it on my wrist too to have whenever I need during the day.

Great product

Love these hair tyi’s. Wouldn’t use anything else in my hair.