Why Loops?

With TIY,  you make multiple  loops based on your volume of hair. The reason this is so important is because multi loops lock your hair in place. So, it reduces the slicing and damage caused by loose or slipping ponys. Our material is 2 x stretchier and our unique sheath around the elastic protects your hair.

We guarantee you will feel a huge difference in comfort and performance the moment you put it in your hair. TIY is so soothing that it eliminates headaches. We promise you will say "WOAH" the moment you put it on your hair. #spoilyourhair

My name is Andrea and I'm the owner & CEO of TIY.

I'm so confident you will like it that I want you to connect directly with me if you have ANY questions. My number is +1 (832) 657-5186.

What other company does this? I love you guys!

BIG loop

suggested for hair and hairstyles that needs headbands or shoelaces to be held

How To Big Loop

4 Loop

suggested for thick and heavy hair that needs extra support

How to 4 Loop

2 Loop

suggested for regular hair thickness or messy buns

How to 2 Loop

1 Loop

suggested for finer hair that tends to easily break

How to 1 Loop

baby loop

suggested for the bottom of braids, baby's delicate first hair, or extremely fine hair

How to Baby Loop