Why is TIY so dope?

The TIY material and multi loop system allows you to lock your hair in place and eliminate the friction that damages your hair, and gives you headaches. When you wear it for the first time you are going to loose your mind. Our hair ties are 2x stretchier and 13x stronger than the traditional hair tie.

Basic Vs Pro

Our Pro TIY comes in a recyclable container that will allow you to measure and cut your desired length on the go. The TIY Basic is 34 inches of TIY that comes without any container. Both can create 6 individual hair ties.


How to use the Pro?

The Pro TIY can be easily used as you pull out the TIY to the desired length from your TIY container, and then place the TIY in the small indention, and press down to cut it. Click below to watch our informative video.

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It's EVERYWHERE. Every time you see the two little antennas, it's US. In the olympics, on TV, on your favorite actress or actor and on the red carpet!!

How do I choose my loops?

more loops = more support for your hair. Take our online quiz to help decide which loop is best for you.

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International Shipping Policy

On our website we only offer carrier shipping due to the fact that different countries lose packages and take months to delivery. Once it leaves the USA, if there is something wrong or missing with your package they don’t give us detail sor help.
We still can do that for you and it’s about $29.

If you would like, your order to be shipped with regular post we can also do that. We didn’t recommend that option just because once he leaves the United States it enters your country’s post office.

Why so expensive???

How do I tie The Knot

After measuring your loops depending on your hair type, you can tie the knot in any knot you desire. Tie it yourself!

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Is the Pro refillable?

Not at the moment, but you can recycle it.

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Can I buy them pre-tied?

Yes! You can request to have your hair ties pre-tied when you check out.

Team Discount

Join the teams around the country that are buying TIY as tournament gifts! Email us at support@tiyproducts.com to get 20% off on your order, as well as custom color choices to match your team and opponent's colors.


Retail Account?

We would love to see TIY in your store. To set up an account just email retail@tiyproducts.com

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What does TIY mean?

TIY = Tie It Yourself