Knot Your Typical Founder

Anyone who has ever worn a hair tie has been frustrated with the performance and never ending damage it does to their hair.  There is finally a solution to sagging ponytails and breaking hair elastics, and this solution is inclusive to every hair type. 
Introducing TIY and the story behind how it was born.


Jerritt Elliott, National championship winning Division One women’s volleyball coach, became frustrated when his players kept having to stop practice to adjust their slipping ponytails (and sometimes broken hair ties). It was a huge distraction that took away from the quality of practice they were having. Curious, Jerritt started asking questions to every woman he knew about their hair and the various options they had when it came to  hair ties. Each of them shared the same experience that all elastic hair ties were made with cheap elastic that were held together by metal or glue which damages hair. From thin to box braids, the girls were experiencing the same frustrations with their hair ties not performing as they should. In addition, they were all made with a one size single loop for women that have different volumes of hair, like sizes of clothing.

Jerritt set out to do some research of his own and went to various drug stores to buy every hair tie and brand on the market. When he got home he began testing the hair ties. He would pull them and with little effort they would snap with ease. Jerritt thought there had to be something better on the market. After months of research he knew he had identified the problem: every hair tie was poor quality and had a one size fits all mentality. He then set out to create the first premium hair tie brand on the market.


Three ideas were sparked:


One, what if we could re-engineer the plastic with a premium elastic and sheath covering to allow maximum elasticity and strength?


Two, have a custom hair tie that one could make 1-4 loops (4 loop= thick hair, 2 loop= fine hair) to handle every volume of hair that would eliminate damages that drug store hair ties cause (Slipping pony’s, sliced hair, stretched out/broken hair ties, headaches, dents on wrist and hair). 


Third, what if we could create a product that wouldn’t be as wasteful and easily discarded because they would last for months and months regardless of the texture and weight of a woman's hair?    


Behind every man is a better woman. Meet TIY CEO, Andrea Nucete-Elliott, a professional beach volleyball player from Venezuela and Italy who married Jerritt in 2018. Andrea is currently an elite volleyball player that has also been in fashion and beauty her entire life. In 2012, she was a Finalist in Miss Universe Italy and has done extensive modeling around the world. The sampling and development of TIY were in the early stages when Jerritt and Andrea began dating. Andrea has had major input and been a huge part in making TIY the premium hair tie that it is today.  


The first time Jerritt saw Andrea talk about TIY to other women, he knew she had to be the one behind the brand. “She has this magic spark that allows her to connect and empower everyone she comes in contact with,” said Jerritt.  That’s what TIY is all about. Andrea believes, “as the owner of TIY, I want every woman that wears my product to feel that they can truly be themselves, whether they are struggling to find who they are, or they are taking on conquering the world. It’s more than a hair tie, it’s a constant reminder that you are committed to yourself.” 

The end result is a 2x stretchier and 13x stronger elastic that solves every hair tie issue and promotes healthy hair. A hair tie that can accommodate every type of hair and every weight. A product that has empowered olympic athletes, as well as busy mothers. 

In our small way, we are representing a bigger picture of reality: the world is better when we all get to be ourselves. We hope people feel the love that went into TIY, and the love that pours out of it everyday. Join our community. Spot the knot. Do something brave. Be your wonderful self.