Knot Your Typical Founder

Jerritt Elliott, National championship winning Division One volleyball coach, was in practice when he heard the same repeating comments from his players, “my hair tie broke,” or “wait I have to tie my hair up again.” He even had some players with too much hair for any hair tie, and having to use a shoelace to keep their hair up during practice and games. It was a huge distraction from the sport, as well as a nuance that applied to every single one of his players no matter what race or hair type they had. From thin to box braids, the girls were experiencing the same frustrations with their hair ties not performing as they should. An idea was sparked. What if we could have a custom hair tie that not only could handle large amounts of hair, but can also be better for overall hair health? What if we could create a product that wouldn’t be as wasteful and easily discarded as a regular hair tie like the thousands at the bottom of the ocean? What if there was a way to create one product that could cater to everyone's hair type regardless of texture or weight? 

Well, we did it. But first, Andrea Nucete-Elliott was our next step to success. Andrea is a professional volleyball player, originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She took over the brand in 2018, skyrocketing ideas on how to best support women and their hair. Andrea is best known for her exceptional work ethic and competitive drive. As a sportswoman herself, if practice started at 9am, Andrea was there at 8am. It was this same drive that landed her on Italy’s second division, and drove her to take on the challenge of beach volleyball once she came to the United States. She does it all- work, train, coach, and play. Her energy and commitment are evident in TIY. 

“If I’m going to do something, it’s going to be the best.”

And TIY is. We’ve worked tirelessly to find the absolute best product and test it with the best people. While we are awed at the support of people in the sports community, TIY is reaching out even further than that. Busy mothers, abuelas, teens, kids, and everyday humans from all walks of life are wearing TIY, and loving it. 

Our most valuable part of our product is that it is inclusive to everyone. TIY is a customizable hair tie that can be looped multiple times to create a stronger, tighter pony. On our website we have a looping quiz available that will help you determine how many loops you need to hold up your hair. Whether you’re rocking braids, have awesome curls, texture, super straight hair, you can use our hair ties. 

In our small way, we are representing a bigger picture of reality: the world is better when we all get to be ourselves. We hope people feel the love that went into TIY, and the love that pours out of it everyday. Join our community. Spot the knot. Do something brave. Be your wonderful self. 

Want to see some of Andrea’s favorite products? She uses all of the TIY lines and colors, but check out her latest crush: the TIY Pro in teal, dark orchid, or citrus.