Best Hair Ties to Prevent Breakage

TIY, the best hair ties to prevent breakage

What’s in a great hair tie? We like to think it’s a perfect balance between durability, versatility and materials that don’t cause hair damage. The good news? We did it! We created our custom hair ties with one goal in mind: eliminate hair distractions. What we ended up with was a product that does it all, from the field to the office — and everything in between. 

TIY hair ties are super soft, stretchy and fully customizable. That means you can cut any length of hair tie you need and tie it yourself — your hair, your hair tie. Oh, there’s one more thing. TIY comes with a whole community of awesome individuals. Our TIY Tribe thrives on diversity and support. You can always find tips and inspiration, like this video on how to put your hair in a ponytail without damaging it. Pretty awesome, right? Read on to learn more about how TIY can help your hair.     

Do Hair Ties Cause Breakage?

Unwieldy hair ties cause breakage, headaches and tangles. We’ve been there — and so have those who sought better and found our product. We ADORE this 5-star review from happy customer Tracy: 

“I have curly hair that usually gets tangled in my hair ties. I’ve always gotten headaches because of having to have my hair so tight. Being able to adjust the size is EVERYTHING!”

It’s feedback like this that reminds us why we do what we do. Keep rocking those curls, Tracy! 

No-Damage Hair Ties

The quest for damage-free hair ties often leads the brave explorer down a long and winding road, from scrunchies — the ‘80s called, they want their accessories back — to spiral hair ties. Unfortunately, the results can range from disappointing to devastating.  

Scrunchies are often seen as a go-to solution for a gentler hair tie, but ask anyone who lives an active life how often they have to fix a sagging style barely held up by one. Here’s a hint: ALL. THE. TIME. As one of the least versatile options out there, scrunchies simply don’t work for most hair types. They also look awkward on the wrist, which makes it hard to rely on them for styling on the go. 

Spiral hair ties — also known as phone cord hair ties — lose their stretchiness almost immediately. When they’re not getting themselves caught in a twist, they’re tangling up your hair and leaving you with unsightly bumps or hair dents. We even wrote a blog on spiral hair ties and the havoc they can wreak on your tresses. 

Of course, hair elastics may do the job on day one, but they also wear out quickly with frequent use, leading to stretched-out hair ties with little to no elasticity — that is, when they don’t break on you. Besides, how often do you find elastics that are just the right size? Fear not, brave warrior. Your search is over. 

For damage-free hair ties that look great and get the job done like no other, it’s TIY custom hair ties for the win. These beauties were designed by athletes, for athletes. That means TIY products won’t budge — not even during a high-impact workout. Ours are the best hair ties to prevent breakage — they’re super soft, and they’re made with a high-quality elastomer core that won’t stretch out or snap. Best of all? You can custom size your TIY hair tie to the exact length you need, no matter your hair length, type or volume.   

No-Crease Hair Ties

The dreaded crease. You know the one. You’ve carefully executed the world’s most perfect blow-out. Your hair has never looked so silky smooth. You toss it in a ponytail and run some errands and by the time you take it out for date night you’re left with that awful, unsightly bump. 

The dreaded ponytail crease/bump is a symptom of a hair tie that’s too tight and too harsh on your hair. The result? Other than messing with your style, your hair takes on an enormous amount of stress at the gathering point of a ponytail. Add in friction and the unpleasant squeeze of a hair tie with poor elasticity, and you end up with thousands of baby hairs sticking up all around your face — and not the cute kind.

What’s to be done? You can avoid ponytails forever, opting for a bun or a loose braid instead, but the problem lies with your hair tie, sis. TIY hair ties are super soft, but they provide maximum hold, so your hairstyle won’t fall out — not even during a workout. What’s more, you have the unique option of custom sizing our hair ties to make them work for your hair length, type and texture. That means you can kiss that crease goodbye. 

Repair Hair Tie Damage

Now that you’ve found TIY, you can start your journey to happier, healthier hair. Here are some of our top tips on how to repair that cursed hair tie damage:

  • Invest in silk pillowcases to reduce friction on your hair at night.
  • Never brush wet hair — use a wide-tooth comb instead.
  • Use heat protectant products and avoid or reduce styling hair with heated tools.
  • Trim those tresses every six to eight weeks.
  • Treat hair with deep conditioning hair masks.
  • Make sure your diet includes protein, calcium, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. 
  • Invest in damage-free hair accessories.

Our TIY Tribe spans the globe and provides an excellent resource for hair care tips, style inspiration and tutorials. Check out our YouTube channel to learn more about TIY and our wonderful ambassadors. 

TIY: Best Hair Ties to Stop Breakage

Ready to break up with hair breakage? Now’s the time to SHOP TIY BASIC. If you’d like even longer strands of TIY and you dig hair ties that come in a compact case with a built-in hair tie cutter, SHOP TIY PRO. We’d love for your to join us on Instagram and Twitter, where you can #spottheknot on everyday heroes and unstoppable athletes alike.

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