Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a woman owned brand, we are passionate about making sure this month we show support for women with breast cancer, and all the struggles they face. As a brand that focuses on hair, we want to make sure that women who suffer hair loss, as well as hair regrowth after chemotherapy are heard, seen, and supported. Hair is an important journey for people who go through chemotherapy. Last year we wrote a blog discussing the stages of hair loss, tips for hair regrowth after chemotherapy, and short hairstyles for when your hair grows back. For those interested in these helpful tips, please click here to read the blog,

Pink Up for October 

One thing that we love about TIY is our wide range of color options. Our range of pink shades includes our Electric Pink TIY, as well as our Raspberry Beret TIY and Cotton Candy TIY. A common way to show support this month is to wear pink, and many athletes have “Pink Out ''games where they wear pink to spread awareness. Matching pink TIYs are a great way to have a whole team match for your pink out games, attending or playing! It also can be shown as a sign of support from the women in our lives from our wrist. Instead of wearing a black hair tie around your wrist, swap it for a pink one this month to show support to the women in your life. Click here for our pink TIY,

The Impact of Spreading Awareness

There is something to be said for how much representation and awareness can change peoples lives. This month is not only for women who have already battled breast cancer (or currently are) , but also for the women who will in the future. Awareness can help women be reminded to go to the doctor for their check ups, and to make sure to do self checks every few months. This is why wearing pink this month can serve as a reminder to the women in our lives, as well as for ourselves, to take care of our health and make sure to get check ups! Click here to read more about self exams,

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