Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month

The start of February also starts Black History Month! This February we will be highlighting black businesses, businesswomen and hairstyles. This week, we want to highlight a few black businesses that specialize in hair care. One important issue that TIY tackles is being a hair tie for all. Many hair ties cannot handle thick hair or braids. It's common that athletes with braids had to use shoe laces as hair ties, because there wasn't a hair tie on the market that was able to work for their hair. Our CEO Andrea commonly rocks braids, and when she does she tests our TIY to make sure that it is able to hold her hair tight as she plays, works and lives. TIY is the modern hair tie, able to accommodate all hair types and thickness levels.


Here are some black owned hair care brands we would love to shine a light on this month:

  1. 103 Collection is a black owned beard care, hair care and skin care brand that specializes in vegan and plant based, clean beauty products. They use sustainable ingredients, and have an emphasis on creating a brand that works for sensitive skin too. Their mission is, "to deliver affordable vegan products with exceptional quality that inspire all generations." Shop their products here, https://103collection.com/pages/our-story.
  2. Oyin Handmade is a hair and skincare brand that focuses on creating products for dry skin and highly textured hair. Shop their products here, https://oyinhandmade.com/about-us/.
  3. GirlandHair is a phenomenal hair care brand that Camille Verovic, dermatologist and founder, started in search for a hair care brand that was tailored towards black women's natural hair. She says on her website that, "there was simply no natural hair care product specifically created to maintain and grow my natural hair while it was put away in a braided protective style. The different natural hair care products on the market simply did not meet the challenge of utility and convenience. For years, I was wearing protective styles but I always found it difficult to properly cleanse and moisturize my natural hair while wearing hair extensions, resulting in dry and brittle hair and experiencing extensive breakage. Furthermore, I understood that maintaining my natural hair should be easy and more convenient. In fact, “wash day” should never take all day."  Shop her products here, https://www.girlandhair.com/.


As this month continues be sure to look at our social media to see other black owned businesses we admire highlighted, as well as features on black businesswomen and athletes that inspire us. We will also feature hairstyles used with TIY for textured hair and box braids on our socials, so be sure to check out our TikTok and Instagram for more! Happy Black History Month!

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