Cotton Candy: Pastel Styles and a Baby Pink Hair Tie

cotton candy hair tie

Let’s normalize pastels all year round: who’s in? 🙌

Cotton candy is a soft, sweet TIY hair tie color for women who are that and so much more.

From 🍧 candy-colored dyed hair to 🍨 poppin’ pastel manis and pedis, we are so here for unexpected, sweet and sassy styles.

And Cotton Candy is just the TIY hair tie to capture the vibe.


Buy this puffy, fluffy, petal shade perfect to go with one of these latest trends:

Seventies-Style Hair: Sleek Lines, Fur Scrunchies & Plaid Clips

👝 Snug ‘90s styles: pink faux fur, pastel prints and plaids and patent platform kicks. 👢 Okay, to be fair, it’s a little bit ‘70s and a little bit Clueless and everything C-UTE. As if you wouldn’t at least wanna try it. The seventies hairstyles we are loving with our cotton candy sweet pink are:

  • Using the TIY hair tie as one giant loop to create a face-framing headband. It provides just a strip of color (so subtle) and is perfect either to pull back bangs or to separate them for drama.
  • Low pigtails are perfect for any hair type (and any kind of hair day). A sharp part or jagged part, they’re super easy to pull off and tie using two separate elastics. We recommend a one- or two-loop TIY, btw.

Sweet Hairstyles with Pink Hair Ties

Want to turn your FEMPOWER up to 11? 💐 Sugary sweet cardis, high-rise stonewash jeans and suede minis are the perfect pairing. You can go all in with lux fabrics, silky textures and fluffy scarves. We love sweet hairstyles that are either totally minimalist or maxed out with adorable details.

  • This first hairstyle idea is ideal for our girls representing fine or thin hair. Use some protective spray before you get started (because, the heat) and turn your flatiron temp all the way on up. Get pin thin all the way to the ends. Then, gather your hair either into a low side pony or low back ponytail. Keep it perky with a cute pink hair tie.
  • Want to get crazy cute, kind of harajuku, and totally live out your uniqueness? One word: clips. All of them. Emoji clips, enamel clips, embroidered clips, puffy clips, dip-dyed clips, tiny claws. This is about quantity. It does have a Japanese street fashion vibe to it but can be worked any which way inspires you. Of course, clips hold best if your hair has some tension, which means you may need a back bun, top bun or perky ponytail.

Menswear Style and Inspired Hairstyles

Think pink is just about us girls? Well, we believe we can be whatever we want to be — and wear whatever we want. If you’re into 👞 ALL the menswear-inspired lewks, try out your totally buttoned up styles in frilly fem hues.👚 This is a super fun way to snazz up muted looks with some subtle but feminine twists. Here are some hairstyles to go along with it:

  • We love short hair with pastel-colored menswear styles. Have chin length hair or shorter? A half ponytail (if you can pull it back) or dramatic side part will do the trick. If you go for the part, use an organic hair pomade to slick it down, then add a little elastic hair band to keep it in place.
  • Want to do a buttoned up pink tuxedo shirt underneath a magenta suit? I mean, yes please. For thick-haired girls, one way to preserve the drama of that neckline is to do a long back braid or half-up braid. It adds that feminine touch to offset the sharp lines and keeps you feeling swishy, girly and in charge.

Pastel Hair Ties: Just for You

Think hair ties are just about style or practicality? Girl, no. Team TIY is tracking all over the world, gaming and hustling and throwing it down every day. We are stoked to see all of you doing your best, and owning your feminine power all the way.

Is your way the best way? Pics or didn’t happennnnnn… #tiy or #spottheknot in your Instagram pics (@tiy_products), ‘cause we wanna see you shine!

We are sending you hearts and happiness and all of the sweetest things. XOXO


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