Healthy Hair? 8 Things that your Salon Will NOT tell You by Rachel Joines

Healthy Hair? 8 Things that your Salon Will NOT tell You by Rachel Joines

People are terrible at keeping secrets, especially me! So I did some research and reflection on salons and their main goals. 

Keeping your expectations realistic is a good idea especially when it comes to your current hair health. Unfortunately your hair stylist will not be able to turn you into Jennifer Aniston, but they can turn your hair around for the better.

Here is 8 secrets a salon may not be able to mention:

Your Salon may offer discounts

If you are anything like me, saving money is essential. Going to the salon can get a little pricey. My best tips are to check Groupon or any other social media sites to save money on your hairstyling. Who knows, maybe you could end up getting a cut and color together? PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Be weary of constant discounts, there may be good reason. Most salons offer discounts on product, instead of work.

Getting the best service

    As I said a hair stylists reputation matters, and so does yours. Be careful, canceling very last minute may not be the greatest option. Lost time and money really upset a salon. The WORST thing you can do is be late. A stylists time is very limited. Things happen, hairstylists understand, however being late constantly because you have an “alarm problem” may not work.

    Special Treatment is not a right (but it totally is a thing)

    - Tip at least 15-20 percent. C'mon people do not be too cheap. People love being treated well, especially the person that spends lots of time perfecting your hair. Tipping 20 percent will for sure land you a better experience with your hairstylist.

    (Tip with cash if possible, credit card companies charge fees)

    - “Squeeze Me In”? No, thank you. .Hairstylists work takes time. The reason why they are always swamped is because of the time they allow to do their best work.

    You do NOT need all that product



      DRY Hair....

      Salon products are known to be worth the hype and price but you do not need every product. Have you ever heard the saying”a little goes a long way”. I am a personal lover of high end hair products because they actually work, however be careful about purchasing too much. If you have colored hair, (especially highlights) I highly recommend more product than others. If you have natural hair, I would stick with the basics for your hair type. A little goes a long way ladies! In order to maintain positive hair health your hair needs to breath. Meaning, saturating it everyday with heavy product, may not be worth the price.

      Reputation Matters

        I hate to say it but yes reputation matters, especially when it comes to your hair. I encourage you to take a trip past google reviews. The destination for a phenomenal hair stylist could be at the advice of someone right in front of you. The best way to find a hairstylist is by referrals. Going to a highly rated salon does not mean your hair will turn out better.

        Free consultations

          So it's time for a new look. You are referred to the best of the best to get the platinum blonde hair you have always wanted. Your hairstylist understands how hard decisions are to make on the spot. Most stylists offer free 10-20 minute meetings to discuss what works for you.

          Let's proactively save your makeup and make your day easier. Schedule a quick appointment to go over your ideal look for your big day. Stylists prefer to know what your expectations are before they operate on your gorgeous locks for several hours.

          The best way to get the appointment time you want

            As a general rule, schedule far in advance. Most highly rated hair stylists are almost always booked two weeks in advance. If you have the time, I highly recommend scheduling a month out. If you forgotten all of my tips, remember this one. AVOID SATURDAY MORNINGS. (Sorry morning risers) Unless you have an overly upbeat hairstylist who never gets exhausted, do you and your hairstylist a favor by scheduling at the beginning of the week. Monday and Tuesday are the best days to schedule a hair makeover.

            Sure, bring your pet in too!

              . Salons are all for making their clients happy. As long as you control your dog, bring it on by!  As long as it's not a problem.

              It's not just an inch

                The most dreaded appointment I had growing up was a trim. I wanted to grow out my hair but my mom insisted to get a trim to clean of the split ends. Whenever you need a trim, make sure you are very specific with how much you want off. A stylists goal is to maintain the health of your hair. The best thing to do is to physically show how much you want off. Telling a stylist to take off “3 inches” may actually mean 5!



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