Looking Into the New Year

Looking Into the New Year
Twenty twenty-two is coming to a close... and what a year it has been! We launched new colors, a new website, and our scrunchies!  As we blaze into the new year, we first must glance back and give thanks to every single human who has trusted TIY to keep their hair healthy, strong, and stable as they powered through this year. We have been able to accumulate a community of inspiring people who achieve greatness everyday through their kindness, strength, and dedication. We see each and every one of you, and would like to thank you all for supporting TIY as we support your hair! 
Looking into the new year, we are excited to announce that there will be new colors to look forward to. As we say hello to these colors, we are saying goodbye to some this year too. Our limited edition colors, such as Lilac Sunday are almost gone, so be sure to get them while you still can!  In addition to new colors, we are working on a reusable and sustainable option for our TIY Pro. While we work on this solution, be sure to remember that while they are not reusable now, the TIY Pro is currently recyclable! We are thrilled to continue to push the boundaries on what a hair tie can be, and with the support of each and every one of you we are able to enter twenty twenty-three on an extremely positive note. Thank you for your support, your brilliance, and your innovative spirits. We are so thankful to have such amazing individuals interested in our product. 
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Looking into the new year, we want to help the skeptics understand why TIY needs to be in their list of resolutions. We are far more than the average store bought hair tie, and our customers agree! Here are a few reviews we loved from this year to show you just how reliable and innovative TIY is!
Donna Mock 12/23/2022
Christmas gift for my granddaughter, she has several of these ties and loves them, they keep her hair up with no problems during volleyball games.
Larissa Zelezniak 12/19/2022
I workout all the time, and I have long hair. I need a hair tie that will keep my hair out of my face and still while jumping rope. Traditionally I have used the telephone cord hair ties, and they keep my hair in place but they are so bad for my hair! They pull and can cause traction alopecia. These TIY hair ties keep my hair in place without all the pulling and damage. Love Love. Love.
Daphne Kermin 12/10/2022

I didn’t know what to think when I opened a package of what appeared to be ordinary coated elastic. Within days, I have not reached for any other band, scrunchie, and whatever else I already owned in my stash of hair ties.
These hold every which way you place them and, most importantly, never get caught in my somewhat unruly mane. They come out of the wavy masses with no shreds of hair attached, and because I chose a bright color, I never have to search for them. I’m buying more for the others in my family who have no clue how easy hair control can be.

Jean Doherty 11/21/2022                                                                                           I bought these for my 15 year old daughter and she loves them. It holds her hair perfectly in a pony tail and today she tried a bun and made it through basketball practice and the bun looked as good as it did before practice. These really hold her hair well considering her high activity level.

You heard them! TIY has found the solution for the decades long problems associated with regular hair ties. No more breaking your hair tie as you go to put it in a pony, and no more pulled out, broken hair as you let it down. Put your best foot forward this year by taking care of your hair health in a colorful and fashionable way.

Photo by @jamisonfoto

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us this far, we cannot wait to see the future athletes, moms, Olympians, and everyone in between create more greatness next year! Cheers!

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