How TIY Can Help Busy Parents

How TIY Can Help Busy Parents

To do lists often run the lives of the average busy parent. Breakfast-check, lunches made- check, kids out the door-check, dry cleaners-check, grocery store-check, etc. Even though there’s a list to follow, the everyday routine can often get derailed by a common household issue- hair care. Those with thick, unruly hair must plan ahead to provide enough time in their morning routine to tame their hair to get out the door on time. Moms and dads are often morning alarms, chefs, and hairstylists before they even have a cup of coffee. For the most part young children can dress themselves, brush their own teeth, and even help carry their own backpack to the car, but hair care is another story. Children with long locks often struggle to brush their own hair, let alone pull it into a neat hairstyle. TIY is here to help with this important part of many parents’ morning routines.

Whether it’s a simple ponytail that needs to stay put throughout a school day or an elaborate braid to enhance that homecoming dress, parents are often called upon to help their children get the perfect hairstyle for many different occasions. TIY hairbands are up to the challenge! Our customizable hair ties are designed to stay put throughout the school day, after school practice, or game. With many color options, parents and their kids can show their school pride by wearing multiple hairbands in their team colors. Busy parents can count on TIY to simplify their morning routines. Sarah PDX wrote us a review that said, “These hair ties are the BEST!! My daughter can do a 3 hour gymnastics class and her bun does not move. No need for bobby-pins either.”

After school haircare is also an issue for many parents. Racing from practice to games, or school meetings sometimes requires hairstyling on the road. Tie It Yourself hair ties are simple to use and are reliable. No need to worry about snapping a hair tie as you make that quick change in the parking lot of the school gym. TIY are made to last and withstand the tugging and twisting necessary to pull the hair into a neat, tight ponytail any coach would appreciate. For parents who transport their children to dance class, gymnastics, or cheer, TIY has you covered! Our customizable hair ties make tight buns that can withstand the twists, turns, leaps and jumps. Since our hair ties can be cut to size, getting the perfect bun on the run is easy! 

TIY is on a mission to help simplify the lives of busy parents. We designed our hair ties to meet the needs of athletes, students, and dancers. Our focus is to create the best product parents can depend on to style their children’s hair.

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