Battling Hair Tie Apathy

Battling Hair Tie Apathy

If we've said it once, we will say it again: hair tie apathy is causing a lot of environmental harm.

Hair ties can take up to 500 years to break down, if they can break down at all. As we know regular store bought hair ties fail us often. They snap, they break, and they damage our hair. When the reality is you are constantly breaking or losing your hair ties, it is common have to buy large packs of hair ties every few months. This mimics fast fashion in that it is creating loads of waste and discarded ties.

They're everywhere but in our hair. Walk around and look for hair ties in your community. It's very common to see them littered on the pavement, in the sand at our beaches and in our oceans. The simple fact is that we have created a culture around hair ties that is very apathetic. We think, "it's cheap, who cares if I break or lose it. I'll just go buy a new pack." We get annoyed we can't find a hair tie, but not annoyed that it is going to harm the planet to keep losing them. We need to care about where our hair ties end up. We need to keep track of our hair ties. Having them invade wildlife and effect our planet because we don't care enough is, obviously, very very bad.


It's like Dr. Seuss said, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not."


So now you might be wondering, how does TIY help this problem? Well, first we advocate for an end to hair tie apathy. We care where our hair ties go and try our best to keep track of them. Another thing that TIY does is last. Our hair ties cannot break like normal hair ties because you tie it yourself, eliminating that common reason we have to discard hair ties. Another thing is that when you have a TIY, you care more. Most customers joke to us that when people ask to borrow a hair tie casually, they never want to give over their TIY in fear that they wouldn't get it back. It's important to invest in quality products that will last you longer, work better for your hair, and for the environment.

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