Knotty Or Nice

There are good knots, and bad knots. TIY aims to have the only knots in your life the ones you tie yourself, not the ones that form on their own from tossing and turning in your sleep. Lets go over some easy and affordable ways to keep your hair out of knots this holiday season, and how TIY can help.

Braid your hair when you sleep!

When we doze off it's common that we do not stay in the same position we fell asleep in. While we toss and turn our hair gets knotted and tangled, causing a frustrating morning of bed head. A great way to avoid knots every morning is by braiding your hair loosely before bedtime. This will not cause breakage if the braid is loose, and it will ensure that your hair will be safe as you rest.

Avoid commonly wearing your hair in a top knot.

Top knots are cute, but throwing our hair up in a knot will... well cause knots! Low ponies and buns are best if you are worried about your hair getting tangled.

Brush your hair when dry before you wash.

It's much better for your hair to do the de-tangling before it gets wet. Our hair is most fragile when wet and should be treated with care. It's best to get those knots loose and out before you shower so that you don't end up with more damage trying to get it out post shower. Damage creates more tangles, so be kind to your locks!

Get a good detangler.

Detangler can help you take care of your hair's integrity once it is wet! If you struggle with tangled hair make sure that you have a good leave in conditioner to help you carefully brush out your wet hair without breakage.

Avoid drying your hair with a towel roughly.

Rubbing your hair in a towel will ensure knots. Instead of rubbing, try wringing your hair out in the tub and using a cotton t-shirt instead. The fabric is better for keeping wet hair safe!

Satin is your best friend.

Christmas is close and a great thing to consider getting is satin scrunchies and pillowcases. It is a great investment for your hairs overall health. It helps you avoid knots acquired in sleep and is less rough on the hair! Check out our new satin collection that just dropped!

Use a good hair tie that won't cause breakage.

Lastly, and certainly not least, we recommend a TIY to help your hair stay healthy this holiday season. Like stated earlier, breakage causes knots and vise versa. A TIY is made specially to be able to hold the hair tight without causing breakage to the hair shaft. Our customizable looping system is imperative in our mission for hair health. You can choose the size for your hair type, and adjust any time. Check out our Resources tab to find out which loop is right for you!



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