Reviewers Say That TIY Is the Only Hair Tie They Will Use

Reviewers Say That TIY Is the Only Hair Tie They Will Use
TIY has been life changing for people of all walks of life- mothers, men with long hair, thin hair, thick hair, braids, etc. Read some reviews below to see how TIY can be life changing.
Kaitlyn Phillips 08/14/2022
Only hair ties I wear!

My hair does not budge at all for my long runs. Fantastic product that I can’t run without!

Eko 05/23/2022
Exceptional hair ties

As a guy who’s recently started growing my hair out for over a year I’ve been using standard elastic hair ties until I bought TIY ties. I’m still learning about my hair through the different stages of growth and what’s best to use to maintain and keep my hair tidy. I have noticed a significant difference whilst working out and doing martial arts compared to other cheaper elastic brands. The previous ties I’d use would become loose and I’d have to tie my hair so often but with these I’ve noticed how tight it keeps my hair and how less often I have to tie my hair. I have yet to try them out whilst running.

The ends have become worn out, maybe it’s the way I cut these but that’s not a major issue and overall, I am more than pleased with these. Thank you so much. I ordered some black ties and would consider other colours in the near future. These are my go to and have not used my old ones since using these 👍😁


Lauren 03/02/2022
Not to be dramatic

but this hair tie changed my life. Thick haired persons: your pony will stay up (on a run!!!). straight haired persons: your hair will stay straight (even after 2 days in 2 different ponys). I cant understand it and im frankly not trying to. must must must


Susan 06/10/2022

Best hair tie for exercising

I have very thin and silky hair, and the reason why I always use my hair down. However, I do like to pick up my hair to exercise and TIY is the best to hold my pony tail. my pony tail stays in place the entire time, no matter how much I jump or run, no other tie holds it as good as TIY, regular ties slide off my hair like butter. TIY also last a long time. I used one for 2 years everyday for at least 90 minutes a day, so the price is worth the quality of the tie. And I just love the fact that my hair stays out of my sweaty neck and face when I workout.


Ian Royce 07/25/2022

Awesome product! Each of us has different lengths, textures, etc., but these are the only hair ties my family will use going forward.


Jana S. 07/13/2022

A hairtie that really works💜

I have purchased several basic hair ties over the past few years and they definitely live up to the hype. The basic is perfect to make a 4 loop tie for my medium thick hair. The color choices are also so fun! This is the only hair tie I rely on for any distance of run!


Abrahim Mehdikhan 07/12/2022

Best ever

These hair ties are absolute magic. You hair doesn’t fall out stays up all day with no pain or crease at the end of the day. One of my favorites products have bought many times and love giving them as a little gift.


SarahPDX 06/24/2022
Bun stays put

These hair ties are the BEST!! My daughter can do a 3 hour gymnastics class and her bun does not move. No need for bobby-pins either :)


Natalie Wiggins 06/14/2022

TIY exactly fits my hair volume, holds strong, and feels so so soft on hair! The first time I did an extra tight and sleek ponytail and removed my TIY to adjust... it DID NOT pull out ANY hair whatsoever! It was the most precious and releasing moment of my entire hair history of ponytails!!! So worth it! and those cute little tails at the knot - so stylish and pretty!!! Love it!!


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