Ringing in the New Year with Andrea's Inspirecrackers

Ringing in the New Year with Andrea's Inspirecrackers

The new year signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This natural time for reflection provides a great opportunity to pause, take inventory and reframe our perspectives. We hope these dynamite inspirecrackers from TIY CEO Andrea Nucete-Elliott help spark your imagination as you set your intentions for 2022. You’ve got this!

Inspirecrackers for 2022

– “Life is best left as the main character, not as a spectator”

– “It can’t be wrong if it makes you happy.”

– “People fear what they can’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer.”

– “Your superpower is You.”

– “Life isn’t always about working hard. Sometimes leading with being spoiled is the way.”

– “The only way is through. Even if that means the wall.” 

– “Strong is stunning.”

– “To be beautiful and smart should be a point of pride, not a reason to shrink.” 

– “The thing about judgement is that it is everywhere, whether you’re trying to be perfect or trying to piss people off. But, does it really matter?” 

– “We’re all unique. True. But do you ever think: another us is never going to exist again?”  

– “Do you ever worry when things are going too well? I do; but then I remember, I must be doing something right!”

– “Life is a mindset, we choose who we want to be every day of our lives.” 

– “It’s never lonely at the top if you bring your people with you.”

– “When you strive to win at the game of balance between work and life you can consider yourself a pro.”

TIY Products: a Brand On a Mission

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Our TIY Tribe spans the entire globe, and our community members are always making big moves. We’re so honored to be there every step of the way, whether we’re transforming your hair journey or providing inspirecrackers to help you move into the new year with grace and resolve. We’re so glad you’re here.

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Do you have your own inspirecrackers to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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