Spring Sports and TIY

We are well into the spring sport season, and as temperatures rise so do our ponytails. This season we want to push the boundary on creativity and what you can accomplish with a hair tie. There simply is no hair tie on the market that can compare to TIY in terms of function and aesthetic. Today we are going to go through a few spring sports and detail how TIY would be perfect in each scenario.

  • Track and Field

Track and Field is one of the sports TIY could not be more perfect for. In terms of functionality, TIY is the best hair tie on the market for a runner. No matter what hair type you have, TIY will hold your hair back without moving an inch from the start to the finish line. Our multi-looping system allows each athlete to assess how many loops they need to successfully hold up your hair. No more falling hair in your face mid race, or five or six hair ties to achieve your desired ponytail. Snapping hair ties on race day are a thing of the past once TIY is in your life, guiding you to success as you put your hair back and focus on your race. In terms of aesthetics, we have many stunning colors you can choose from that can match your uniform.

Here's Colleen Quigley, Olympian and World Record holder in the 4x1500 meters relay, who only wears TIY as she trains and races.

  • Tennis

Tennis requires many quick movements that make you to whip your body back and forth, left and right across the court. These movements can easily release a normal hair tie from your hair. This sport, like many others, requires constant concentration and clear vision. Having hair in your face can be detrimental to your focus and your game. Be sure to invest in all of your gear, including your hair tie.

  • Softball

Softball hairstyles are notorious for being intricate, slicked back, braided, creative, and fun. TIY is the perfect hair tie for someone to keep your hair in place as you round the bases, while also being colorful, fun and interesting. Bubble braids, french braids, braiding your TIY into your hair, or even just your simple high pony is elevated once you swap your basic hair tie for a TIY.



  •  Sand Volleyball

Sand volleyball, similar to tennis requires extremely quick and fast movements, and your hair tie needs stability to account for all the jumping. Keep your hair off of your neck this summer, and the creative high ponytails and braids coming. Be sure to look for our hair tie while you watch college and professional sand volleyball this season. You'll be surprised at how many times you can #spottheknot!

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