The Bella Hadid Bun, The TIY Way

The Bella Hadid Bun, The TIY Way


Get your ingredients.

For this hairstyle you will need two TIY’s (one loop or more depending on hair type), two bobby pins, and a whole lot of hair spray to achieve that famous slicked back look. 


Part your hair.

Section off the front pieces of your hair that frame your face, and pull the rest of your hair into a mid to high ponytail. Use hair spray to slick it back, and make sure to brush out any bumps or unevenness that might occur after securing your TIY. 


The bun.

Wrap the hair in the ponytail into a regular ballerina bun by twisting and rounding the hair around the base of the ponytail. Right at the end leave out the last bit of your ends, this is how you will achieve the small spike that pokes out of the bun. Secure your second TIY around the bun and adjust the ends to spike in the direction you want. If you would rather opt out the spiky hair sticking out, try tying off a little extra TIY, and having the TIY ends stick out or be tied into a bow.



The front bits.

Now finish by pulling the front pieces back one at a time, and wrapping it around the bun and securing it with a bobby pin. This step is what keeps the middle part intact while also slicking back the hair. 

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