The Future Of Hair Ties

The Future Of Hair Ties

Hair ties were created with one purpose: to tie up hair. Yet, they litter our sidewalks, oceans, beaches, and end up in landfills. People often joke that they can never find a hair tie when they need one. This apathy that has been attributed to hair ties has a very negative environmental impact. More specifically, a impact that will last around 500 years.

Most store bought hair ties are made of synthetic materials, which take a very, very long time to decompose. While there have been brands that have tried to make biodegradable hair ties, they aren't as popular because they simply don't compete with regular brands. They aren't strong enough to hold hair in place, and aren't inclusive to all hair types. That being said, regular hair ties are known to break easily, which contributes to a large amount of thrown away hair ties. It's a tricky game of trying to find something that will genuinely work for your hair but also won't end up with the thousand of hair ties in landfills.


This year TIY is making it our mission to try to make hair ties more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and long lasting. Our hair ties are already long lasting, and will not snap or break like normal store bought brands. The longevity of our hair ties far surpasses the current competition, which should keep them out of landfills longer. We want a future that doesn't involve losing hair ties constantly, having it break, or not caring where it goes after you use it. The apathy surrounding hair ties is detrimental to our planet, and we must care about where they end up. Sure, you can just go buy a new pack of hair ties at the corner store, and lose them just to buy them again. Over time it is not cost efficient, or good for the environment. We hope to evoke a new energy this year that will inspire others to join us on the journey to being more cautious about shopping sustainably and keeping a better eye on our hair ties.

We are working on a reusable version of our TIY Pros. This will allow you to refill the Pro with a new TIY every time it runs out, creating a need for only one Pro instead of many. Until our mission is completed, we want to remind everyone that our current Pro containers are recyclable! We only have one planet, and we need to treat it kindly. Lets look towards a future where hair ties only exist in our hair and not in our soil, oceans, and beaches.




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