TIY Is Just as Important as Your Jersey

TIY Is Just as Important as Your Jersey

Fall sports are upon us, and as we get back on the court, field, or track, it’s important that we have the correct gear to get us through the season. When we think of the gear needed for most sports, we typically leave out hair ties. Splurging on the right cleats or ankle braces seems necessary, but why don’t we show that same level of care towards our hair? For most female athletes, and male athletes with long hair, our hair is something we have to continuously braid, put in a ponytail, or bun before we get on the playing field. It can be the difference between being able to see the game or being blinded by hair. It can be that defining moment between scoring that final point and being distracted by your falling ponytail. These moments are just as significant to your performance as any other gear or jersey. As we break down each sport, let's take a look at where TIY will fit into your fall season.

Volleyball for both men and women starts in August. With that, comes tons of gear outside of your jersey: knee pads, spandex, ankle socks and braces, court shoes, and finally, your hair tie. Volleyball requires hours of jumping, so your hair tie needs to be prepared. Time outs and the seconds between sets are not meant for hair tie adjustment. That is time for you to be fully focused on your sport, preparing plays and reading the other side of the court. There’s a lot of strategy missed in the moments we pull our loose hair tie out to tie it back up again. Jerritt Elliottt, co-founder and division one head coach, found inspiration for the creation of our TIY’s while he was coaching. He was frustrated for his players that all had very different hair textures yet the same slipping ponytail problem. TIY has the ability to fit every hair type, and to make it stay put. Be prepared by taking our quiz on our website to see how many loops you will need to kill it this season.

Gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance also take place during the upcoming months, and the importance of a tight pony or bun becomes even more relevant when talking about these sports. Not only do you need it for the functional part of flipping, turning, and leaping, but typically your hair is considered as a part of your uniform in a competition. A loose bun or pony can mean points against yourself or your team. Many girls are left having to use multiple hair ties and millions of bobby pins to keep their slicked back hair in place. This problem can be solved with a TIY, as it is made to hold through all of the sweat and movement imaginable. In addition to this, these specific sports start young, meaning that the responsibility of the athlete's hair is typically put on the parental guardian. Parents of these sports have to notoriously deal with upset children who experience pain when pulling back their hair so tight. For some, this has even led to hair loss from the stress put on the hair. Our hair tie will hold the hair tightly without breaking it, and can handle as much or as little hair as possible (as long as it is long enough to tie). The days of tender headedness, breaking hair ties, and hair damage are left in the past once TIY becomes your future.

Football, field hockey, and lacrosse are high contact sports that require loads of padding and gear, from helmets and mouthguards to full body padding. Whenever the helmets are off though, men and women with longer hair will need it tied up and secure while they train. These sports involve hard contact with other players, so it’s important to have your hair out of your eyes and your mind on the game. Protection for your body is stressed with contact sports with padding and shin guards, but why not our hair? Protect your hair how you’d protect any other part of your body by securing a TIY for this fall season.

Cross country and golf are our solo sports, where a TIY is needed to deal with the elements. TIY can handle strong winds as easily as it can handle your hair from mile one to ten without slipping or breaking your hair. Not only will you need endurance this season, but so will your hair tie. Make sure to take our quiz online to see how many loops you will need for the upcoming season. 

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