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TIY has been hard at work to grow our social media presence. This past month, we went viral a few times on TikTok, one video in particular even reached a million views! While we are so excited to reach new audiences, we were surprised by how many comments were confused about our hair tie. We've decided to give everyone a refresh on TIY and answer some frequently asked questions!




  • What makes TIY different from other hair ties?

The TIY material and multi loop system allows you to lock your hair in place and eliminate the friction that damages your hair, and gives you headaches. Our hair ties are 2x stretchier and 13x stronger than the traditional hair tie.

  • What is the difference between the basic and pro?

Our Pro TIY comes in a recyclable container that will allow you to measure and cut your desired length on the go. The TIY Basic is 34 inches of TIY that comes without any container. Both can create 6 individual hair ties.

  • How does the pro work?

The Pro TIY can be easily used as you pull out the TIY to the desired length from your TIY container, and then place the TIY in the small indention, and press down to cut it.

  • How many loops do I need?

More loops = more support for your hair. Take our online quiz to help decide which loop is best for you.

  • Is the pro refillable?

Not currently, but we are hard at work creating a refillable version! Currently the pro is recyclable.

  • Isn't this wasteful?

No! TIY is actually on a mission to create a future of less waste, specifically in the hair tie industry. How? Longevity. A TIY will last you years. It doesn't stretch, or break easily like regular hair ties and because you tie it yourself, it can't snap on you! The way we see it, having a few TIYs for years vs having to buy packs every few months to break and lose over and over again is not only cost effective, but also better for the environment and less wasteful!

  • Can't I just buy this at a craft store? Is it just yards of regular hair elastics?

No, you cannot buy the same product at the craft store. TIY is made of completely different material, from the soul- to the fabric- to the way it is stitched. It is not the same product.

  • What does TIY stand for?

Tie it yourself!


We feel so blessed to have reached new audiences and to spark a conversation in hair care, beauty, and sustainability. If you haven't already, follow our TikTok for tutorials, informative videos, and a whole lot of fun!



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