Women To Watch: Anna Meyer Edition

This month, TIY is taking a moment to uplift women who are inspiring to others and spreading a positive light to all. This week we are featuring director Anna Meyer.

Anna is a Texas native, originally born in San Antonio. After attending school up north Anna made the move to New York City where she would pursue her career as a director. This past week, Anna debuted her first play, Your Power. The play told the story of a woman's fight to find healing and to take her power back. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna to discuss her experiences as a woman, as well as an artist.

How do you feel empowered in your work as a director?

Being able to direct a show that focuses on women’s issues brings me a lot of pride. I have always strived to make my art matter so when I was given the chance to direct a show of my own I jumped at the opportunity. Nothing empowers me more than hearing how impactful the story told was. That feeling right right there keeps the spark of creativity going.

Have you found difficulties being a woman in your field of work/art?
Absolutely! I started out in the theater world as an actor and that alone has a laundry list of difficulties associated with being a woman. Already women are viewed as less than when it comes to men and in the arts that seems to be amplified. On a basic level we are constantly being asked to use our looks to get us into room and on top of that there is a big lack of support for women to continue their careers in the arts when they have a family.

How do you hope to empower other women?
I hope to empower other women by helping them to share their stories. Being able to stand up on that stage on Sunday and share part of my truth as well as the truth of several other women gives me hope that others can find their power within by doing the same.

What advice would you give your younger self?
I think the biggest advice I could give my younger self would be to keep striving for change. Nothing has to be how it is and you can be the person that makes that change. I know that 13 year old Anna would be proud of the stance she is taking and all she is doing to make women’s stories heard.

How does fashion/accessories/your style empower you?
For my NYC directing debut I wanted an outfit that made a statement. I love wearing bold colors or unique outfits to stand out. For this show I went with a pant suit and a vibrant pop of pink. Whenever I can I try to add a fun pop of color whether it’s with shoes, earrings or my favorite pink cashmere coat! Wearing a bold pop of color gives me the confidence boost I need.

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