Women to Watch: Molly McCage Kevorken Edition

It's the final Friday of Women's History Month, marking this our final blog for our Women to Watch series. We have interviewed directors, athletes, philanthropists and business women. This final week we sat down with professional volleyball player, Molly McCage Kevorken to talk about her experience using TIY, being a professional athlete, and her pre-game rituals.


- What has been your experience with using TIY as a pro athlete?

"It's been amazing. I've used TIY for.. I wanna say every single game I've played since they came out. They're really the only hair tie I trust. And they're like, super cute. If you spot a TIY you're like, 'oh they've got the hookup'. It's a very noticeable brand with the little ties sticking out. I always match it with the color of the jersey I'm playing with that week. I like to mix it up, like am I doing the full loop for the voluminous look, or am I just keeping it casual with a messy bun and two loops. I like the customization. I like that it can be a style piece. It's just one more flare to add to my hair."

- Do you have a pre game ritual?

"I do, yes. I try not to make it too structured because life happens, and chaos will always ensue. I learned that in college. I always have a PB+J if possible, that is my go-to. Then I go through my breath work, I like using headspace. I haven't in a while... I have a weird situation in that I am working and playing so life is a little different than when I was just a professional volleyball player. Any breath work to refocus, and I think, 'why am I still playing?' and I'm playing because I love the sport and I love the people so getting back to that kind of gratitude for getting to play really helps me kind of enjoy and be present before the game starts."

- Do you have a favorite TIY color?

I loved the teal.

- What is the most gratifying experience you’ve had as a professional athlete?

"I have a special love for Atheltes Unlimited. I've recruited every athlete for Athlete's Unlimited and seeing them play volleyball so freely in the US, and seeing their families come see them in the stands playing professionally is the reason why I love my job. I love that we have this opportunity. I love that this sport is growing in the states. During season I see that daily. People are so estatic to play with other Americans. We are really trying to push the needle on professional women's volleyball."

- What makes you feel empowered?

"I’m a big energy person, so I think it’s my teammates and my coworkers.
I’m empowered by the people that are doing the work to grow the sport. I just feel incredibly empowered my community."

- Who is a woman you feel empowered by?

"I really lately have been looking up to Alisha Glass Childress. She’s one of my closest friends. I’ve looked up to her as a volleyball player regardless and now getting to know her like you know the saying, 'never meet your heroes', you should with her like she is a hero. She has three kids and she came back to play professionally and absolutely balled-out. She’s also incredibly intentional with building confidence to other people around her. She’s done the work. She is incredibly caring. She’s also crazy smart, I could just chat with her about anything and everything forever. She’s been incredibly inspirational for me not just in the volleyball world but but as a human being."


We are incredibly thankful for Molly for giving us her time and such thoughtful responses. This month's Women to Watch series revolves around women just like her who are doing the work and making a difference out in the world. Women who are trailblazing their professional pathways, and doing it boldly. We are thankful for the amazing group of women we have been able to highlight this month, and we can't wait to see them continue to accomplish amazing things.



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