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Custom, Colorful Hair Ties

TIY hair tie packs

Want custom, colorful hair ties that actually hold your hair? TIY (Tiy It Yourself) hair ties were created by professional athletes and are used by women around the world. 

Trust us: you’re going to #spottheknot at your next marathon with your mom friends or yoga class with your besties. Now, you don’t have to choose just one hair tie color: you can get color mixes to mix, match and experiment. 

We provide elite, high-performing hair ties in every color of the rainbow… and more. Shop now:

Color Match Hair Ties

Before you go order custom promotional hair ties or buy custom hair ties in bulk for your sports team: check us out! At TIY, our hair ties are used by professional athletes and Olympians. We’re talking high-performance, virtually unbreakable and ultimate versatility. These are the real deal: optimal quality hair ties that come in every color imaginable. Even sweeter: we release limited edition or new hair tie colors all of the time! 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see how TIY hair ties for every hair type are changing the game.

Colorful Elastic Hair Ties

Here’s a friendly reminder that healthy hair can legit be ruined with elastic hair ties. We’re talking split ends, wrecked follicles, the whole nine yards. You may think that a traditional hair tie is your only option, but we’re here to preach: TIY hair ties are the products you are going to use for the rest of your life. 

Just check out our reviews: once you go TIY, you’re never going back. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to cheat on us to get an adorable look. Our colorful hair ties give you any and every option, go with any and every outfit, and will last. Enjoy! After all, we made them with you in mind.

Multi-Colored Hair Ties

With TIY hair ties, you can achieve the perfect fit with a single, double or triple loop. Simply tie it off and you’re good to go, getting a custom hair tie that works for your hair type. The cool thing is, because we have multi colored hair ties, you can get as creative as you want. Use multiple hair ties on a bun, use different colors to tie off your braids, or segment out a long ponytail, using different colors all the way down. Express yourself while getting the best quality hair tie that works all day, every day. You’re worth it!