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Hair Tie Bracelet

A TIY hair tie bracelet looks and feels better than your old school go-to hair band. Trust us.

If you’re tired of that neutral-colored, stretched out rubber band on your wrist: it’s time for an upgrade. We all throw a hair tie or two on our arms for easy access. Now, it can look a whole lot cuter.

Hair Ties That Look Like Bracelets

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your look for the convenience of having a pony-at-the-ready. If you’re the kind of person who wants to pull back your hair halfway through the day: we have some good news. TIY hair ties are silky smooth, have a deep color, and aren’t going to pinch your skin. They’re also thin, so depending on how many loops you use, you can get a multi-band bracelet look or a single strand.

TIY hair band alternatives (yes, they’re better than spiral hair ties or scrunchies) come in every color you could want. Opt for neutral tones like brown, tan, white, and black or go all-in with some citrus, electric pink, teal, and indigo. Buy a TIY hair tie in every color so you can sport that look.

Banded Hair Tie Bracelet

This is such a popular lewk (don’t hate) you can buy things like a hair tie bracelet kit. If you’re craving some craft time, TIY hair tie bracelets can totally fit the bill. 

Unlock the creative possibilities with our colorful hair ties and pick the perfect pattern.

Get your camp girl/hair tie friendship bracelet vibe on by braiding or weaving the strands together.

TIY hair ties work super well for this, because they come in long strands. Until you cut them, these silky strands are the perfect raw material for looping, overlapping, and creating to your heart’s content. Then, pop it on your wrist or tuck it over a side bun for a fresh hair accessory.

Best Hair Tie Bracelet

Not to brag, but there is basically nothing like TIY hair ties when it comes to the best hair tie bracelet. Have you made a TIY hair tie bracelet? We want to check it out! Be sure to post it on social using #tiy and we’ll give you kudos! The best part about the TIY tribe is watching how all of the craze-mazing people we know are being creative, crushing goals, and winning big. From moms on morning playdates to professional athletes in the arena, we are here to serve up this little accessory that can make such a big difference.

How to Make a Bracelet With Hair Ties

Using TIY, you can make your own hair tie bracelet. You don’t have to do the super crafty braided camp version, although that’s cool too. Here are some options to make a bracelet out of hair ties:

Hair Tie Bracelets

Once you’ve already tied off a few TIY hair ties, grab a few to make a bracelet

You’ll need:

  • 6-7 TIY strands, already looped and tied off.
  • 1 TIY strand, not tied.

Hold a hair tie in one hand, pinching it in the middle. Push another hair tie through the loops of the first hair tie. Pull through (they should be looped together now). Keep going until it’s as long as you want, then use the untied hair tie to tie it off.

Wrapped and Crocheted Hair Tie Bracelets

Want to turn up the volume on your hair tie bracelet style? Wrapped hair tie bracelets are achieved by simply taking some string and wrapping it around half of your TIY hair tie. This gives an accent color and creates a new texture. Crocheted hair tie bracelets are easy to make by simply crocheting a pattern around part of your TIY hair tie. Again, you get a secondary texture and color with this approach.


Ready to dive into the craft-astic, creative world of hair tie bracelets? The sky’s the limit - shop online for TIY now to get all of the right colors to pull off the style you have in mind.