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Tie Your Face Mask with Ties from TIY

Mask-wearing is a new normal, and most of us have adapted to it with stylish face coverings that ensure our own safety and the safety of people we are around. When you wear a mask, you may want to match your mask to your outfit, use your mask to express a message or buy a custom COVID-19 mask. From designer face masks to personalized face masks, we’re all finding ways to cute it up while keeping it healthy and safe… and TIY is totally here for that!

TIY (Tie It Yourself) is, first and foremost, about giving you killer hair accessories for peak athletic performance. But our versatile hair ties actually offer way more than that. You may already know that we love to #spottheknot and watch our TIY tribe grow, but we also want to empower you with fun ideas to use our expertly crafted, colorful hair ties as a way to secure your mask and show off your sweet style.

Here are some ideas:

Hair Ties for Face Masks

When you want to secure your face masks with hair ties, TIY is the best option. Because our hair ties don’t come pre-looped (that’s for you to customize depending on your hair type), you can easily fit the length of the tie so your mask sits comfortably on your face. It’s kind of the most awesome way to get the perfect mask fit while also adding a pop of color.

If you’re already wondering about a hair tie face mask situation, go check out all of our color palettes and collections. Match them to your favorite cloth face mask, vented face mask and even bandana face masks. Yup: it basically works with anything. Bonus: TIY hair ties are super soft and durable, so they won’t irritate your ears or face and definitely won’t snap.

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See how Olympian Colleen Quigley is using TIY hair ties to tie her face masks.

Face Mask Tie Type

TIY products have a teensy weensy learning curve. The good news is that if you can make a knot, you already know how to create the perfect sized hair tie. Essentially, we have step-by-step guidance for you to create one, two or three loop hair ties that will snugly secure your perfect ponytail, braids, updo or whatever other sweet style you’re rocking.

When you’re looking for face mask ties, you’ll size things a little differently.

If the mask you’re using already has loops, you can simply thread the TIY strand through the loop and tie it off, just like you would a regular hair tie. The difference may be in sizing, because you’ll want to make sure that it sits flush against your face and is a comfortable amount of tension.

You can also use TIY with homemade face masks. In this case, you can use a face mask pattern to create a hole, opening or even fastener so your face mask hair tie can be either permanently attached or temporary (to swap out colors).

How to Make a Face Mask With Fabric and Hair Ties

Are you super crafty? This may be your moment. One of the coolest things about face mask trends is that it’s an affordable way to express yourself. All you need is swatches of fabric and a sewing machine, or even fabric glue. Of course, be careful with breathability and don’t use anything toxic (you’ll be inhaling it all day, after all!).

  • Pick a mask fabric pattern
  • Pick a corresponding TIY color
  • Use a mask pattern to sew or otherwise fabricate the mask itself
  • Measure and cut your TIY strands to the right length
  • Attach the TIY ties to your mask

Then, throw it on and you’re good to go. It’s a simple way to do something fun that’s perfectly you.