5 Reasons You should DITCH Your Traditional Hair Ties if you want Healthy Hair by Rachel Joines

5 Reasons You should DITCH Your Traditional Hair Ties if you want Healthy Hair by Rachel Joines

911! Girl this is an emergency!

It's the end of a long day. All you want to do is throw your hair back of your face. We have all been there…..have we not? Sometimes not even at the end of the day.. but let's focus.

Before you reach for the ever so accessible hair tie in your purse, LISTEN UP TO WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER USE A NORMAL HAIR TIE AGAIN. 

1.Your Hair is literally fraying away

Your hair is breaking as we speak. Every ponytail with a traditional elastic is asking for a murder scene with your tresses. After 13 years of show choir and dance my hair was left completely damaged. Unfortunately, I am not the only one in the room feeling like this; your hair does not prefer being pulled back with cheaply made elastic, rubber or plastic. The advice I received was to just stop wearing my hair up.

“Keep it up and say hello to balding.” according to most hairdressers. Pulling your hair back with a hair tie too tight causes damage to the hair follicles. Too tight of a ponytail with a traditional elastic cuts into the hair shaft causing fraying. Even worse, hair being pulled back much tighter results loss of hair from the root. So what's the secret? How do women keep their hair from looking frayed?


Stop sacrificing your hair for beauty! With TIY women are able to choose what kind of hairstyle they want without creating lifelong damaging affects their hair.



2. Dents your wrists

I think we can all agree the easiest place to put a hair tie for later is on your wrist. It's the most convenient way of saving a state of panic realizing you have no hair tie before practice. Luckily, you have a 1% chance of losing it.

Unfortunately, you now have a 99% chance of denting your wrist. Many women enjoy wearing different color hair ties around their wrists as a cute, festive way to jazz up their outfit. The downside of convenience and fashion is the risk that comes with it. Keeping hair ties around your wrists for more than a couple hours can cut off circulation to you hand.

 Many different brands offer adorable hair ties. The downside is the risk associated with the products ingredients. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions from products you want to watch the glitter and metal from poorly made hair ties.


TIY is made with tough, and lightweight material leaving your wrists dent free. We love your hair and your skin! We love to land on your wrists, look cute as bracelets and match with your outfits! So, there you have it. 

3. No matter the promise, it never lasts

If you are lucky, a hair tie will last you one or two uses. The durability is as faithful as canned air.(not faithful at ALL).

Traditional hair ties are made with elastic that does not allow you to stretch past a certain length. Even popular hair ties like the Invisibobble, stretch out after repeated use and you have to put it in boiling water or in the sun to make it shrink back (sounds crazy? well, it's true).

Normal Hair Ties are Cheap, but are they? 

By the time I bought 20 different hair ties I have spent more thank buying one TIY that will last me for months.. I heard  that one volleyball girl used the same one for a year straight!! 

If you are anything like me, when I wear my hair up, It's not the best hair day for me. The biggest tragedy to turn my already bad hair day into a worse one is when my hair tie breaks. Having decently thick hair and enjoying tight ponytails made the feared hair snap problem a very real one. 

TIY is almost invisible. It is made of a durable, flexible, fabric and elastic. In 2018 we took our product to the test against a 50 pound dumbell. TIY easily outlasted and did not stretch out. 

4. Only solves one problem

The hair tie industry offers several solutions with products invented specifically for curly, straight, or frizzy hair. The problem is it's not universal. Most women are left frustrated with false claims and the overwhelming amount of hair ties made for different uses. Hair ties too many do not hold any value. 80% of women do not have a brand they are loyal to when it comes to hair ties.

Purchasing several brands, promising specific needs can quickly leave you overwhelmed and frustrated. The average hair ties a woman goes through in her lifetime is unknown but I can tell you it's much more than you want to fork out for a hair tie. According to a recent survey the average women will spend an average of $44,300 on her hair. I would rather put my money towards a product that fits my needs and outlasts several uses.

Our company caters to every hair need. We take pride in our pro system that is designed to specifically fit YOUR length, texture, and style of hair.

5. Heads up Its Painful!

Traditional elastics are unable to withhold being stretched more than some inches. They are unable to evenly distribute pressure across your hair. Coming from a former competitive dancer, I remember the days of pure torture I put my scalp through (including bobby pins). Before every practice my coach prefered our hair to be pulled back tightly. Every dancer can relate to the pain that came with the perfect bun. I would always complain, and at one point demanded my hair to be down.

The reason a ponytail is so painful is  because of the thousands nerves underneath your scalp.Too tight of a pony may be the leading cause to a sensitive scalp. Even worse, constant migraines.


Who enjoys migraines? Ouch! Not me..

TIY is the ONLY hair tie that allows you to choose what kind of hairstyle YOU want without creating lifelong damaging effects on your hair.

TIY allows you to be YOU, to have a tight, loose, dent free, and pain free way to style your hair. 




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