Best Hair Accessory Deals on the Internet

Best Hair Accessory Deals on the Internet

Great hair accessories can take your everyday, plain-Jane hairstyle and make it red carpet-worthy in an instant. We’re thinking of bright, beautiful hair clips, elegant headscarves and romantic ribbons. Here at TIY, it’s no secret that we’re all about hair, which means we’re all about hair products, hairstyles and hair accessories, too.  

The new year is a time for reinvention, self-reflection and — let’s be honest — setting new hair goals. To help you achieve your hair dreams in 2022, we’ve rounded up the best hair accessory deals on the internet right now. Oh, and the hair tie part? We’ve got that covered. 

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Team TIY: The Best Hair Accessories We Love 

Team TIY is made up of professional athletes, Olympians and incredible go-getters (like you!). When it comes to hair products, only the best will do. High-quality hair accessories need to look great, be gentle on your hair and, of course, they need to WORK. After all that goodness, affordability is the cherry on top. Check out these great deals on hair accessories we love. 

Best Hair Accessories: Hair Clips

Whether you’re looking to show off those locks with flashy hair clips or you’re more of the minimalist persuasion, a great hair clip is both functional and aesthetic. Check out these beauties and get ready to tame that mane:

  • TOCESS Big Hair Claw Clips — Like a good messy bun, a jumbo hair claw can provide effortless style. Great for those occasions when you just need to put your hair up and get down to business, hair claws work beautifully in conjunction with high-quality custom hair ties to keep hair secured. We love these extra large, non-slip matte hair claws from TOCESS. They come in a variety of super cute colors, which means you can play match-maker with our bold TIY colorways.  
  • Syeenify Fashion Hair Clips Set — This 20-piece hair clip set includes a variety of elegant and stylish hair clips, hair barrettes and hair pins. If you’re building yourself an accessory arsenal, this set will deliver the goods for just $13.99.  
  • MAST Simple Metal Claw — Elegance is the name of the game with this gorgeous triangle-shaped metal claw from MAST. These clips are available through Free People for just $10.00. 
  • Geometric Snap Clips — These oval and rectangular snap clips from Target are a fun, contemporary take on a classic hair accessory. The six-piece set comes in deep earth and jewel tones, making it possible to create a polished, eclectic look.  

Best Hair Accessories: Bandanas and Headscarves

A simple headscarf can help you level up your hair game with a dash of whimsical romance. They’re great at keeping strands out of your face and expertly hiding locks that are due for a wash. Honestly, what’s not to like? Take a peek at this gorgeous headscarf roundup.

  • Lantern Print Bandana — We’re smitten with this gorgeous botanical print bandana from Urban Outfitters. This lovely piece is available in three colorways and can be wrapped as a headscarf or worn as a simple bandana. 
  • Organic Cotton Bandanas — Those who need versatility in their lives can’t go wrong with this assorted three-pack of organic cotton bandanas by Madewell. With timeless patterns and colors, matching these babies with your TIY custom hair tie and outfit is easy as pie.
  • Silk Headscarf — Laid back, romantic and gentle on your hair, accessories like these classic silk headscarves on Etsy pair perfectly with a sweet summer dress for an afternoon date — or jeans and a tee for getting things DONE. 
  • DIY Hair Tie Headband — Custom is key when it comes to defining your style. That’s why we love this DIY hair tie headband craft idea. Mix and match TIY to your outfit, team colors or mood and get ready for action. 

Best Hair Accessories: Ribbons and Bows

Hair ribbons are kind of an all-star accessory — you can don them on your ponytail holder, adorn your braids all the way down or add them into loose curls for a little PIZAZZ. Check out these hair ribbon deals we’d love to loop you in on.

  • Long Tail Velvet Ribbon — Classy is the word on this sleek, black velvet ribbon. Mounted on an alligator clip, this bow is the definition of chic. TIY hair ties make excellent supports for ribbons and clips like these. By keeping your hair fully secured — no matter what — TIY frees you up to add delicate details with confidence. 
  • Rumi Velvet Bow — This bow available through Free People comes in four beautiful earth and jewel tones. Dramatic and effective, this accessory gives the term “statement piece” a whole new meaning. While this bow is attached to a scrunchie, we recommend supplementing your hairstyle with a TIY hair tie to keep it secure. 
  • Satin Hair Ribbons — We love the versatility of these satin hair ribbons available on Etsy. Their long length makes it possible to style these babies as hair bows, use them as a headband or weave them into your braids. They’re also available in bright, vibrant colors, which makes it a breeze to mix and match with TIY. You can even tie one in a bow onto a three-loop or four-loop TIY hair tie for built-in hold.  

Accessorize with TIY Custom Hair Ties

TIY makes it a breeze to accessorize in style. Our damage-free hair ties are easy to customize — just cut the perfect length to make your hair dreams a reality. With non-slip, no-break hair support, TIY can handle the hard work while you accessorize like a pro. 

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Do you have a hair journey you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below — we love to hear it!

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