Celebrate Leo Season With TIY

Celebrate Leo Season With TIY

As we blast into Leo season and summer starts to simmer to a close, TIY is here to set the tone for the upcoming fall by getting your hair off of your neck in the August heat, as well as boosting your hair confidence in alignment with Leo season. The fixed fire sign represents the lion, meaning that this month is all about being bold, self assured, and powerful. Coming out of the emotional woes of Cancer season, it is time to pull things together and get it done. This is the time for a transformation, not just from the end of summer, but also the end of bad habits and self neglect. It’s time to take care of yourself! Leos frequently get criticized as self obsessed, but their confidence is what drives them to success. This August, make space for a little extra self care, love, and, acceptance.

TIY is the perfect addition to your self care routine. The elasticity and sheath that surrounds the TIY perfectly holds your hair up without headaches, marks, or constant readjusting. Taking better care of your hair health sets the tone for how you treat the rest of your body. Show yourself and your hair kindness by tying it up with an elastic that won’t damage it.

Be your most confident self this Leo season. TIY offers not only a non damaging hair tie, but also one that holds. Use this month’s boldness to try out a high ponytail, or the trending slicked back bun. Not only will this help you beat the August heat, but also show the world your most powerful and authentic self. No matter how heavy your hair is, or the texture, TIY can hold up any hair, anywhere, anytime. Do yourself a favor and check out our fiery colors to complete your dauntless transformation. Whether it be our bold red Chili Pepper TIY, our Burnt Orange, or our Citrus, we have you covered to conquer the rest of Leo season.

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