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summer sky tiy hair tie

Nothing says “summer” quite like clear blue skies on balmy days. You know the hue — it’s the perfect backdrop for catching rays pool-side, getting sun-kissed on the field or diving into your favorite novel by the lake. TIY Summer Sky is the ultimate baby blue hair tie you need in your style arsenal this season.  

If you’re new to TIY, here’s the rundown: TIY custom hair ties ship as one long strand of our durable, versatile and stylish hair ties. Once you receive your product, you can cut the perfect length of hair tie you need for your hair length, type and texture to tie a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair tie. 

Because our hair ties have a high-quality elastomer core, they’re super stretchy but won’t stretch out, break or damage your hair. TIY custom hair ties were designed specifically with athletes and active lifestyles in mind. That means you can put our hair ties to the test — they won’t let you down. 

Baby Blue Hair Ties

Our baby blue hair ties are soft, serene and on trend. Get in relaxation mode for an afternoon of summer activities or bring that perfect weather into the office with TIY. Our Summer Sky colorway is vibrant yet soft enough to pair well with warm-weather pastels or stand alone as an accent color with a neutral outfit. 

Bring your whole look together with functional accessories like a custom hair tie headband or this DIY hair tie bracelet

Softball Hair Ties

Softball is a game of sustained focus and intense bursts of giving it your all. Stay in the zone by securing those tresses in the best softball hair ties out there. Match your TIY color to your uniform or sync up with your teammates for next-level camaraderie.

Basketball Hair Ties

Basketball courts are full of fast-moving action, which means everything from shoelaces to hair accessories need to keep up. TIY hair ties were made to handle the hustle that comes with being an athlete. Whether you’re shooting hoops with friends on a sunny afternoon or playing against the clock with fierce competition, TIY basketball hair ties won’t quit — just like you.  

Yoga Hair Ties

Yoga has so many benefits for our spiritual, mental and physical health, but annoying distractions make it hard to get into the zen zone. Stay in the flow with the calming hue of TIY baby blue hair ties. Our hair ties will lock your hair into place for a pain-free practice that keeps you centered (your neighbor’s barking dog is another story, though).     

Ice Skating Hair Ties

It’s hard enough to nail that Axel jump without any hair distractions in the way. Factor in a sagging ponytail or a bun that comes apart mid-air and you might see your figure skating dreams slip away. 

That’s exactly why we do what we do — to help you focus on pushing the boundaries and achieving the impossible. With maximum hold and a design that was tested by professional athletes for two years before being put into production, TIY hair ties are the perfect ice skating hair ties. 

Water Sports Hair Ties

Let’s be real: we all deal with hair monsters every now and again, but wet hair is on a whole new level. Whether it's frizz from all that humidity or the way our hair is more vulnerable to breakage when it’s wet that has you in a tangle, TIY is here to help. 

Just ask TEAM USA sailing pro Lara Dallman-Weiss. Lara knows a thing or two about hair monsters and how those wet summer conditions can make them grow. Read about Lara’s hair journey here and find out why TIY has the best water sports hair ties out there.

Volleyball Hair Ties

Volleyball is a full-body sport. That means blocking shots mid-jump and diving for the save comes with the territory — and so does unruly hair. Volleyball hair ties need to keep those shiny strands out of your eyes and off of your mind. Luckily, TIY custom hair ties were made to do just that. 

Pro volleyball legend Chiaka Ogbogu is no stranger to hair monsters and how they can creep onto the court. Find out why Chiaka loves TIY hair ties here. 

Runner Hair Ties

Whether you rock a high ponytail, box braids or a short style when you run, keeping that hair in check matters in a big way. Clock your fastest mile yet by eliminating the need to stop and fix a style that simply won’t reach the finish line with you. 

Because TIY hair ties were designed to hold their own in the most intense sporting situations, they’re the perfect gym sesh, home workout, dance party, night out and post-work runner hair ties. Just pick your favorite color (or combo), loop it and get ready to conquer it all.  

Performance Hair Ties

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate high-performance hair ties, look no further. Our TIY Tribe consists of pro athletes, Olympians and everyday go-getters who make living-in-action a part of who they are. 

Ready to join? SHOP Summer Sky in TIY BASIC or TIY PRO, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for updates, tutorials and hair inspiration from the greats.

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