Black Hair Ties: TIY Midnight

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What’s in a hair tie, you ask? We like to think of a good hair tie as the unsung hero of a great look. That’s why we spent two years testing our TIY hair ties to make sure they hold up their end of the bargain (spoiler alert: they do!). Our hair ties are available in a wide range of colors, so you’ll always find your perfect match. For the goddess who likes to rock a classic look, nothing beats our TIY Midnight black hair ties. 

TIY Midnight is a go-to for just about any hairdo, whether you’re conquering a night on the town or hitting the field to prove your mettle. Shop for TIY Midnight Pro Now!

The Ultimate Black Hair Tie

TIY hair ties were developed by a team of international athletes on a mission to make great hair days accessible to all. Utilizing a high-quality elastomer core, our hair ties provide maximum hold without causing headaches or damaging your hair. That’s a big deal for active lifestyles! TIY hair ties work for all hair types and hair lengths, allowing you to cut the perfect length of hair tie you need to pull off your game day style like a pro.

They say anything matches with black —  and it’s true. Whether you need a hair tie that works with a colorful outfit, something that blends in with that classic black dress or hair insurance that contrasts with white for a striking, minimalist look, TIY Midnight is the way to go. 

TIY Midnight hair ties work magic for:

  • A ponytail that won’t quit.
  • Keeping braids on lockdown.
  • Sleek or messy—every bun, any style.
  • DIY hair tie headbands.
  • DIY hair tie bracelets.

Black Hair Tie Bracelet

One of our favorite things about TIY hair ties is how versatile they are. If you’re on the hunt for a hair tie that doubles as a sweet bracelet (when it’s not busy holding those locks up), look no further. TIY hair ties come in long strands, which makes them a perfect match for any DIY hair tie bracelet queen. 

Not only does this hair tie life hack make for the perfect team building activity or solo craft time, it means you’ll always have a way to secure your hair at the ready — and you’ll look pretty fly while you’re at it. TIY Midnight black hair tie bracelets make for a subtle, clean look that won’t clash with your outfit. You can also combine TIY Midnight with our other hues for a vibrant pop of color or to help tie your whole look together. 

The Best Hair Tie: Durable & Adorable

There’s no other way to say this: TIY hair ties are the best. Why? Because they were designed, developed and tested with athletes in mind. Our hair ties are strong, durable and don’t stretch out. TIY co-founder Andrea Nucete–Elliott has roots as a professional volleyball player and continues to train, coach, play and give her all to everything she takes on, including TIY Hair Ties. 

Our TIY tribe reaches all across the globe and includes professional athletes like Kelly Claes, Olympians Anna Tobias and Colleen Quigley and everyday heroes like YOU—no matter your age, gender or occupation. We love creating an inclusive, supportive space where our tribe members lift each other (and their hair) up like pros.

Buy TIY Basic

Our all-star hair ties come in two versions — TIY Basic and TIY Pro. You can order TIY Basic in any of our available colors, mix and match singles or save on a 4-, 8- or 12-pack. 

TIY Basic is 36 inches long and can make as many as six individual hair ties custom cut to perfection, whatever your hair type or hair length. Shop TIY Basic now

Buy TIY Pro

Take your hair game to the next level with TIY Pro. When you go pro, your TIY hair ties arrive in a compact case with a handy hair tie cutter for custom sizing on the go. Cut your TIY hair tie to make one, two or four loops, depending on the length and volume of your hair. 

TIY Pro is 41 inches long and can make as many as six customized hair ties for any hair type. You can mix and match singles in any of our vibrant TIY colors or save on  a 4-, 8- or 12-pack. With TIY Pro in your bag, you’ll be ready to get your game face on, however that looks to you (on the field, at the gym or in the boardroom). Shop TIY Pro now!  

Let’s Be Social

Rock your style like a champion with TIY. Our tribe is always growing and we’d love for you to join! Find us on Instagram or check out our Youtube channel for how-tos and awesome hair inspiration from fellow tribe members. 

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