Dark Orchid: The Last Purple Hair Tie You’ll Ever Buy

TIY dark orchid hair tie

A vibrant purple hair tie is the infusion of energy and playful style we all need, wrapped into one brilliant hair accessory. TIY Dark Orchid custom purple hair ties take their inspiration from nature’s own purple orchids — a gorgeous flower that symbolizes royalty and admiration.

Command respect with hair fit for a queen and locked into place with our custom sizable hair elastics. When you shop TIY Dark Orchid in Basic, you’ll receive 36 inches of our high-quality elastomer core hair ties. Cut the perfect length to make your hair goals a reality and tie a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair tie. The number of loops you’ll need depends on your hair type, volume, texture and the style you’re going for. 

If you’re ready to level up your game, shop TIY Pro and receive 41 inches of your favorite TIY color in a compact case with a built-in cutter for sizing on the go.   

Purple Hair Accessories

Purple is a unique color in the fashion world. This hue pairs beautifully with white, black, gray and denim to create a sophisticated, stand-out style. Tie your look together or play up this regal accent color with purple hair accessories, like a DIY hair tie headband

Grab & Go Ponytail: Purple

Let’s face it: we’ve all been there. You leave the house with your hair down and realize you’ve made a terrible mistake. Whether it’s a windy day or you need to get those tresses out of your face and focus, having quality styling options available on the go can be a lifesaver. 

Mix and match your favorite TIY colorway options for grab-and-go style wherever you are. Our TIY Pro cases are compact and easy to find in any purse or athletic bag, and you can always accessorize with a custom hair tie bracelet that’s ready to convert into a ponytail holder at a moment’s notice.

TIY vs. Other Ponytail Holders

The TIY team spent two years developing and testing our hair ties to create the best product for your hair. When compared to alternative ponytail holders like scrunchies, spiral hair ties, phone cord hair ties or hair elastics held together with damaging metal clasps, TIY comes out on top every time. That’s because TIY hair ties don’t only provide maximum hold and versatility, they’re designed to prevent hair damage as well.  

Solid Hair Ties

Solid hair ties are so much more than an object of convenience. A purple hair tie can fit in perfectly with a monochromatic purple outfit, or it can play off beautifully against complementary colors like bright orange, yellow, green or blue. Spice up a neutral ensemble by creating a bright accent color with details like a solid purple hair tie, necktie, shoes or purse. Solid-color accessories help create an elegant, minimalist look that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.   

Purple Hair Ties: Knotted Elastic

TIY knotted elastics are made with a durable, super-stretchy elastomer core. Tested by athletes, our hair ties are gentle on your hair and effective when you need them to be. The TIY team started out on a mission to help athletes style their hair without worrying about those locks falling out or sagging. By minimizing hair distractions, TIY lets you keep your head in the game, whatever that might look like to you. Join the TIY Tribe on Instagram and see if you can #spottheknot on some of the most inspiring individuals out there. 

TIY vs. Elastic Hair Ties

If you’ve ever tried the varieties of elastic hair ties available on the market, we don’t need to tell you about the way hair gets caught in their abrasive metal clasps or damaged by the hardened glue that keeps many hair tie options together (and causes them to break at the worst times). We also don’t need to remind you how restrictive they are or how difficult it can be to find the right balance between size, stretch and durability — until now.  

What Does a Purple Hair Tie Mean?

Some choose to wear purple accessories in support of Project Purple, an organization dedicated to pancreatic cancer research. Donate here to support the cause and wear your purple hair tie as a symbol of hope, remembrance and solidarity.

TIY: Purpose-Driven and Purple Fashion Hair Ties

Make purpose and passion the name of the game with a purple hair tie from TIY. Our hair ties are damage-free and provide maximum hold, no matter what. Shop TIY BASIC or TIY PRO to get started on your hair journey, and don’t forget to comment below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel today. 

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