Summer Festival Hair: Get the Look with TIY Hair Ties

Summer Festival Hair: Get the Look with TIY Hair Ties

The sun is shining, the music is playing, and the anticipation of summer festivals is in the air. It's that time of the year when we come together to celebrate music, art, and the spirit of freedom. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere and eclectic fashion choices, one thing is for sure – your hair needs to be on point. Whether you're dancing the day away at a music festival or enjoying the laid-back vibes of a bohemian fair, your hairstyle can make a statement and set you apart from the crowd. Get ready to elevate your festival hair game with the help of TIY hair ties, as we delve into some fun, colorful, and bohemian-inspired hairstyles.

1. The Colorful Braided Crown

One of the most popular festival hairstyles is the braided crown. This whimsical style not only looks stunning but also keeps your hair off your face, perfect for long festival days. To add a colorful twist to this classic, use TIY hair ties in various vibrant shades. Start by parting your hair down the middle and creating two loose braids on each side. Secure the ends with TIY hair ties in complementary colors, and then wrap the braids around the top of your head like a crown. Use additional TIY hair ties to secure any loose sections and complete the look. The result is a playful and eye-catching hairstyle that will have everyone asking for your hair secrets.

2. The Playful Space Buns

Space buns are a festival favorite, and they exude a fun and carefree vibe. To achieve this look, part your hair down the middle and create two high pigtails on either side. Secure each pigtail with TIY hair ties. Next, wrap each pigtail around its base to form a bun and secure it with more TIY hair ties. For an extra pop of color, alternate between different TIY hair tie shades for each bun. This hairstyle not only keeps you cool but also adds a touch of youthful playfulness to your festival ensemble.

3. The Boho Half-Up Fishtail

For a bohemian-inspired look, try the half-up fishtail with TIY hair ties. Begin by taking a small section of hair from each side of your head, near the temples. Tie these sections together with a TIY hair tie to create a half-up ponytail. Now, divide the ponytail into two sections and start fishtail braiding by taking small pieces of hair from the outside of one section and crossing them over to the other. Secure the end of the fishtail braid with another TIY hair tie. Gently pull on the edges of the braid to give it a more voluminous and boho look. The result is a stunning hairstyle that perfectly complements your flowing festival attire.

4. The Color-Pop Ponytail

If you're looking for a simple yet striking festival hairstyle, the color-pop ponytail is the way to go. Begin by tying your hair into a high ponytail using a TIY hair tie. Then, take a few more TIY hair ties in different colors and tie them at regular intervals along the length of your ponytail. This creates a burst of color and visual interest. You can even add beads or charms to the TIY hair ties for an extra bohemian touch. The color-pop ponytail is not only easy to achieve but also allows you to showcase your playful and creative side.

5. The Messy Festival Bun

Effortless and chic, the messy festival bun is a go-to hairstyle for those who prefer a more laid-back look. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a TIY hair tie. Then, twist and wrap the ponytail around its base to form a loose bun. Secure the bun with more TIY hair ties, leaving the ends sticking out for that effortless appeal. For an added bohemian touch, pull out a few face-framing strands and curl them gently. This hairstyle keeps your hair off your neck and looks fabulous with any festival outfit.

6. The Rainbow Braids

If you're a fan of color and want to make a bold statement, the rainbow braids are your perfect choice. Start by sectioning your hair into several small sections, depending on how many braids you want. Tie each section with a different colored TIY hair tie, creating a vibrant array of hues throughout your hair. Now, braid each section and secure the ends with more TIY hair ties in coordinating colors. The result is a kaleidoscope of colors that screams fun and celebrates the spirit of summer festivals.


Summer festivals are all about self-expression, and your hair can be the canvas for your creativity. With TIY hair ties, you have an endless array of options to explore and experiment with. From colorful braided crowns to bohemian-inspired half-up fishtails, these hairstyles will have you festival-ready in no time. So, gather your TIY hair ties, embrace the playful and bohemian elements, and get ready to dance the day and night away in style. Let your hair be as vibrant and unique as your festival experience!

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