Lupita Nyong’o Wore TIY (Tie It Yourself) Hair Ties

Lupita Nyong’o Wore TIY (Tie It Yourself) Hair Ties

Lupita Nyong’o captured audiences around the world with her Academy Award-winning performance in the 2013 film 12 Years a Slave. Nyong’o has since dazzled us as a style icon and most recently, as an award-winning children’s book author. Sulwe, Nyong’o’s debut foray into the world of children’s lit follows a young girl who feels self-conscious about her dark skin on a magical journey to find self-love and acceptance. 

Promoting Sulwe in New York City, Nyong’o wore a stunning combination of bright yellow and pink, paired beautifully with a colorful array of TIY hair ties. Solidifying her status as a style icon, Nyong’o effortlessly pulled off this eye-catching look—bright, bold and confident. Exciting news broke in April, as Netflix picked up Sulwe and is turning it into an animated musical.

At TIY, we love everything about this: an empowered woman with a strong message, making headlines for her bold views. The hairstyle may be just a small part of that, but we are proud for the little role we play in highlighting all types of beauty, from women in all walks of life.

Celebrity Hairstyles

Whether you're on the hunt for hairstyle inspiration before your next cut or you just love keeping up with the stars, celebrity hairstyles set trends for years to come. Our favorite part of scoping out what celebs are up to is seeing the diverse styles they rock. From Rihanna’s iconic braids to the way Selena Gomez can make a messy bun reign supreme—we are here for it. 

TIY hair ties were designed for diverse hair types. Whether your perfect hairstyle is centered around thick, curly hair, straight, fine hair or anything in between, TIY hair ties will make it happen. Our high-quality elastomer hair ties can be custom cut to the perfect length for your hair. Specially designed by athletes for all women and men, TIY hair ties will lock your hair in place for every picture-perfect moment and beyond. 

Hair Ties for Braided Hair

hair ties for braided hair

TIY hair ties offer the versatility you need to wear your braids any way you want them. Simply cut our hair ties to the desired length and tie them to make between one and four loops. The number of loops you’ll need depends on your hair’s thickness and the way you want to style your braids.

Hair Ties for Ponytails

The high ponytail is a classic go-to for celebs, athletes and those on the go. From the runway to the racetrack, hair ties for ponytails need to hold up their end of the bargain. There’s nothing like a sagging ponytail to take the steam out of your performance, and when the cameras are rolling, sub-par hair is out of the question. TIY hair ties were designed by athletes to minimize hair distractions, allowing both women and men in sports to stay focussed on what they do best. 

Pro-Tip: for the perfect sleek, high ponytail, gather your hair on a diagonal with your cheek bones. Smooth it back with a hair brush and secure with your favorite color TIY hair tie. Tame flyaways with hairspray, hair wax or a custom TIY hair band. 

Celebrity Hair Accessories


When it comes to iconic hairstyles, it’s often the smallest details that help set a look apart. From gorgeous hair pins to butterfly clips and combs, accessories matter. They’re also timeless. Who doesn’t love the way Bridget Bardot glamorized the humble hair band, or the way Amanda Gorman captured the hearts of millions with her braids secured in a now-iconic red headband? 

Hair accessories allow us to incorporate eye-catching pops of color into our style. Whether you’re matching your unique hair embellishments to your outfit or using them to create a dramatic color contrast, TIY hair ties are right there with you. Our hair ties are available in a wide range of colors, making it easy to customize your hairstyle to match or compliment your outfit. Get creative with color mixes or shop our newest color addition, Mint Your Business

Lupita Nyong’o’s Hair Style

Lupita Nyong’o rocks gorgeously textured, short hair like a pro. Using colorful TIY hair ties, custom cut to the perfect length for her style, Nyong’o created an eye-catching, functional look while bringing the joy of Sulwe to the world. 

TIY hair ties work for any hair type, thickness and texture. They can be fashioned into custom hair bands to keep short, textured hair in place or to secure it in a braid or bun, depending on your hair length. Our hair ties are designed to last while keeping your hair in perfect order without damaging it. 

TIY hair ties will help you rock your style like a celeb, no matter the occasion. SHOP NOW.

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