Sports Hair Ties

Sports Hair Ties

Let’s face it. Without something to hold it back, our hair can hold us back. TIY hair ties were designed by athletes on a mission to create sports hair ties that help keep your mind in the game, no matter what. That’s because we know how distracting messy hair can be. Whether you’re rocking short hair, bangs or living life Rapunzel-style, we’ve compiled our favorite sports hairstyles to help you tame those locks and focus on what you do best.

How to Tie Back Long Hair for Sports

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We adore long tresses as much as the next gal, but we won’t deny they can get in the way. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can tie back long hair for sports, long hiking adventures or a trip to the gym. These are our top 3 picks:

1. Sleek Ponytail

A timeless classic, the sleek ponytail looks good, keeps hair out of your face and is super easy to do. Simply gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with your favorite color TIY hair tie. Flyaways can be tamed with hairspray or hair wax, and you can even use your TIY hair ties to make a custom hair tie headband. The key to making a sleek ponytail work when you’re at peak performance is to use an athletic hair tie that won’t quit while you’re ahead.   

2. French Braid

The French braid is trusted by long-haired athletes around the world. Why do we love it? Because French braids are resilient, they keep shorter sections of hair locked in and they look good, even after doing some heavy lifting for you. To form the perfect French braid, divide the hair at the top of your head into three sections. Next, proceed the same way you would with a regular braid, but add a new section of hair each time you cross over the center. When you’ve reached the bottom of your braid, secure it with your TIY hair tie. 

3. Braided Bangs

If you’re anything like us, you have a complicated relationship with bangs. Beyond wondering whether you should get them or not—an internal argument most of us are doomed to repeat for the rest of eternity—you might wonder what to do with them when it’s time to hit the track. You can incorporate bangs into a side braid, securing it into a ponytail or bun, or you can use a TIY hair tie headband to hold them back.

How to Tie Short Hair for Sports

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Depending on the length of your hair, your best bet might be to pull your hair back with a headband. We love how versatile TIY hair ties are—even in custom headband format. Short hair can also be secured in a half-up, samurai style ponytail or bun, or it can be braided into chunky cornrows or double dutch braids to keep it in place. 

Tie Hair in Bun for Sports

One of our all-time favorite athletic hairstyles comes in the form of the bun. To craft a great bun, secure your hair in a high ponytail, then twist it into a bun around the base of your ponytail. Wrap a second hair tie around the bun portion to secure it. TIY hair ties work great for this, because you have the flexibility to cut the exact length of hair tie that works for the size of your bun. Flyaways and short strands can be tamed with hairspray or bobby pins (if your sport allows them).

Best Hair Ties for Working Out

best hair ties for gym

The best hair ties for working out are those with a strong hold that won’t damage your hair. Coaches, players and active individuals across the board all love TIY hair ties. They’ll work for the whole team, whether you need to conquer straight, curly, thick or fine hair of any length. 

Best Hair Tie for Runners

Runners understand the woes of a sad ponytail better than just about anyone. You pull your hair back in a tight ponytail, power through mile one and just as you’re about to hit your stride, your hair’s a mess and you have to stop to redo your ponytail, sweaty palms and all. Imagine getting through your entire run with your original ponytail perfectly intact. Nice, right? That’s why TIY makes the best hair tie for runners.  

Yoga Hair Ties

best hair tie for yoga

It’s hard to find your zen when Downward Dog means you’ll have hair in your face the whole time. Throw that hair in a bun or secure it in a classic French braid. TIY hair ties will make sure your hair stays put, so you can focus on you.    

Hair Ties for the Gym

When you’re putting time in at the gym, you need a functional, reliable hair tie on your side. TIY hair ties are comfortable, effective and durable. No more snapping elastics that leave you hanging when you need your hair to cooperate the most. 

TIY Is the World’s Best Hair Tie for Athletes

TIY hair ties were designed by athletes, with athletes in mind. You can custom cut our hair ties to the exact length that works for your hair. Made with a high-quality elastomer core, your TIY hair tie will lock your hair in without causing damage. Contact TIY here with questions or visit us online to learn more. Find us on Instagram and Facebook for more hair inspiration and pro tips.  

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