TIY Hair Ties for the Ultimate Man Bun (With Josh from Beardbrand!)

Man with man bun.

TIY is all about diversity. One of our favorite things about our custom hair ties is that they work for any hair length, type and texture — and that includes men’s hair. In this post, we’re excited to bring you style tips from our friends over at Beardbrand. Read on for expert guidance on hairstyles for men who are growing out their hair.

Beardbrand: Male Grooming + TIY: Male Hair Accessories

Beardbrand is a premium men’s grooming company with top-tier options not only for beards, but for your hair and body as well. No matter who you are, personal grooming takes time, effort and quality care products. With a combination of Beardbrand’s hair care line and TIY hair ties for men, damage-free hair is on the horizon. 

Beardbrand allows you to streamline your personal care routine with a range of products that work together. No more clashing scents or cheap drugstore offerings — just premium, sophisticated style. 

Paired with TIY custom hair ties, Beardbrand can elevate your look and take better care of your hair. Our hair ties are manufactured with a tried and tested elastomer core. They’re soft and durable, and they won’t damage your hair or cause headaches. When you receive your TIY products, you can cut your hair ties to the perfect length for your hair. Then, simply tie a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair tie, depending on how much hair you have and the style you’re going for. 

Our hair ties work for straight, wavy, curly and textured hair, and the ability to create a hair tie of any size means they’re great for styling box braids and dreadlocks, too.        

Hair Ties for Guys

Growing out a short haircut can lead to awkward, uneven hair that’s difficult to style. That’s why we’re ecstatic to share pro styling tips from Beardbrand expert Josh. Check out these men’s hair styles for growing out short hair and see how TIY hair ties can help.

The Side Part

If you’re growing your hair out from a side part that incorporated a fade, you’re in luck. You can keep that side part for a natural, easygoing look. Josh uses Beardbrand’s own Styling Balm and recommends simply working the product through your hair with a comb or with your fingers and adding Sea Salt Spray for additional texture and volume as needed. As your hair grows out, it creates a natural wave you can swoop off to the side for a dash of low-maintenance style.

The Middle Part

This one is simple, straight-forward and effective. Once your hair has some length to it, simply part it down the middle to show those locks off on both sides. Beardbrand’s Utility Balm, Styling Balm and Sea Salt Spray can all be incorporated to help manage this style.   

Pushed Back

For a style that’s polished — yet still somewhat rugged — it doesn’t get easier than a slicked-back look. Simply push your hair straight back with your fingers and voila! You’ve got a dignified style that keeps your hair out of your face. To help lock those locks in, work any one of Beardbrand’s styling products through your hair as you smooth it back.

The Man Bun

When your hair reaches the length at which you can tie it back, it’s time to take things to the next level. Grab your TIY hair tie and get those strands in the pushed back position. Next, tie your hair back using as many loops as it takes to secure it comfortably, stopping just before pulling hair all the way through on the last loop to form a small bun. You can fan out and shape your bun to your liking. For a man bun alternative, you can always rock a Samurai ponytail with short hair by simply tying hair back into a high ponytail.

You can watch Josh demo each of these styles here:

Man Bun Hair Ties

The secret to any good man bun is a hair tie that won’t let it sag or fall out. TIY hair ties were initially designed for athletes as a way to minimize hair distractions. That means they work like magic when it comes to keeping any hairstyle in place, no matter how active your lifestyle. 

Ready to browse? SHOP TIY BASIC or SHOP TIY PRO today for the best men’s hair ties on the market. You can follow TIY on Instagram and Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates, more style tips and hair inspiration.

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