TIY Wine O’Clock: Maroon Hair Ties

Chiaka Ogbogu

A hair tie is so much more than just the thing that holds your hair up. When used with intention, these all-star hair accessories can provide just the pop of color you need to stand out from the crowd. 

When you find a color that speaks to your soul, your hair tie becomes an expression of who you are in the moment. That’s why the team at TIY takes our colorway options seriously. We’re always working to bring more gorgeous, vibrant colors to the game, which is why we’re over the moon to introduce our newest addition: TIY Wine O’Clock — a romantic, rich maroon hue that’s as unforgettable as you are.  

Chiaka Ogbogu: TIY Hair Tie Color Representative

Team USA volleyball PRO Chiaka Ogbogu is one of our incredible TIY athlete representatives. Chi has been breaking records as a professional volleyball player since her days at Coppell High School and the University of Texas, where she became the school’s all-time blocks leader. She’s been on Team USA since 2018, and she’s playing for gold at the Tokyo Summer Olympics this summer. When it’s time to focus, Chi keeps her hair monsters in check with TIY 3-loop custom hair ties.

After falling in love with our wide range of color options, Chiaka began her hair journey with our custom hair ties for athletes. Chi loves the way she can adapt TIY to meet her needs, especially when she changes up her look — which is often. 

We can’t wait to see how Chiaka rocks our new maroon hair ties this year, and we’re ecstatic to celebrate her accomplishments in the Olympic Games this summer. We would even say “It’s Wine o’clock somewhere.” Right, Chi? 

Black Female Athletes

It’s no secret that here at TIY, we believe representation matters. Our TIY Tribe is a global community that celebrates diversity and the powerful act of simply being yourself. Our amazing members aim to support and uplift each other, no matter what. When you join our community, it’s always fun to #spottheknot and find inspiration for everyday life and everyday hair from some of the boldest, brightest individuals out there. 

Black Women Athlete Hairstyles

From keeping hair extensions safe to securing braids, TIY hair ties are versatile, soft and damage-free. You can size your TIY hair tie to secure any amount of hair in any style. Our hair ties were designed to keep athletes ready and focused, and they work on all hair types and textures, including natural hair. You can even hold back short, textured hair with a DIY hair tie headband.   

Active Hair Tie

Whether you’re a sports superstar, office legend, gym pro or simply tackling everyday life, TIY is here for it. Our active hair ties won’t quit on you halfway through the day. Once you lock your style in with TIY, you’re golden. Speaking of gold, we know colors are personal and subjective. We don’t always call colors the same thing, and the perfect hue for you might be a shade away from maroon. Luckily, we have a few options that are in the TIY Wine O’Clock color family.

Red Hair Ties

If you’re after a shade that’s a little brighter and lighter than maroon, we’ve got you covered. Our TIY Chili Pepper hair ties are fierce and full of fire. Bring this energy to your game and ignite the flame in your soul with our custom red hair ties. This hue can match your outfit and your personality, so you can bring it on. 

Brown Hair Tie

TIY Milk Chocolate brown hair ties are like the more mellow, earthy sibling in the red color family. Match your hair tie to your tresses or unlock the nature goddess in you with our custom brown hair ties. 

Hair-Colored Hair Ties

While a bright hair tie can add a stand-out color accent or be the perfect detail that brings your whole outfit together, sometimes we want our hair accessories to blend in with our locks. With red and burgundy hair making a comeback in a big way this summer, our maroon hair ties will help you achieve a smooth, seamless look. 

Colorful Hair Ties

If you’re on the hunt for colorful hair ties to match your mood, look no further. TIY hair ties are soft, durable and trusted by unstoppable athletes and everyday heroes alike. You can custom cut and size our hair ties to meet your needs, no matter your hair length, type or texture. 

SHOP TIY BASIC or SHOP TIY PRO now for hair ties that are as strong and vibrant as you are. If you like what you see, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for updates and hair inspiration for all.

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