21 Ways to Use TIY

21 Ways to Use TIY

If you’re familiar with team TIY, you know we’re all about versatility. In fact, that’s one of the biggest driving forces behind our custom hair ties. First and foremost, our objective is to provide gals and guys from all walks of life — and with all hair types — with the best hair tie experience possible. 

That said, we’re constantly blown away by the creative uses our community finds for TIY, sometimes in ways we haven’t imagined yet ourselves. To share the love, we’ve rounded up 21 ways to use TIY to spark your creativity this gift-giving season. Let’s dive in. 

Own Your Look with TIY

TIY was created out of a desire for quality hair ties that could withstand high-impact athletic activities. With a super stretchy elastomer core and the ability to cut and tie any length of hair tie you need, TIY hair ties make owning your look a breeze. Here’s how:

1. Ponytail Holder

OK, this one’s obvious, we know. But nothing beats a damage-free, super soft, bright hair tie that WORKS. You can use TIY to tie a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop (or more!) hair tie that works for your hair length, texture and volume. 

2. Bow Tie Hair Tie

By using a greater length of our product, it’s easy to cute-ify the classic hair tie look by finishing it off with a delicate bunny-ear bow. 

3. Weave It Into Your Braids

We’re just going to say it. We have the best, boldest hair tie colors on the planet. You can create a TIY hair tie while leaving long, flowing ends that you can weave or braid into your hair for a gorgeous pop of color. 

4. Wrap Your Hair with Endless Loops.

We love the way a multi-loop hair tie stacks at the base of a ponytail or the bottom of your braids. With TIY, the possibilities are endless. You can wrap your entire ponytail with multi-loop hair ties if that’s your style. We’re here for it. 

TIY Hair Tie Accessories

While TIY hair ties totally rule in the queendom of hair products, it doesn’t end there. Check out these awesome ways you can use TIY to accessorize your entire look. 

5. DIY Hair Tie Bracelets

This super fun DIY hair tie bracelet makes for a great crafting project at home or as a team-building activity. 

6. DIY Hair Tie Headbands

Whether your tresses are loose and long or too short to tie up, you can still get in on the action. Use your favorite TIY colors to craft a gorgeous DIY hair tie headband.  

7. Woven Hair Tie Belts

A bright woven hair tie belt just might be your favorite new functional fashion accessory. 

8. Bold Hair Tie Shoelaces

With our wide range of eye-catching colors, you can use TIY as shoelaces that match your look or provide that pop of accent color to elevate your style in an instant. 

9. Hair Tie Mask Loops

None of us anticipated that wearing a mask would become the new normal, but with TIY mask loops, we can have some fun while we’re at it.  

Smart Ways to Repurpose Hair Ties

Once you have TIY in your life, you’ll soon find it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Our hair ties combine maximum strength with hardcore elasticity, which means unlike those college flings, TIY is long-term relationship material. Whether you’re looking for more ways to use your TIY or you need to repurpose your old supply, there are plenty of creative ways to keep hair ties out of landfills. 

10. Waistband Saver

Did you know you can use a simple hair tie to extend your waist band? If you can’t quite button those pants post-holiday meal, just loop a hair tie through your button hole and around your button for an extra inch or two of wiggle room. Talk about a holiday hero.  

11. Tame Cords

Tame a nest of cords under your desk with a trusty hair tie. 

12. For the Love of Plants

Hair ties are a great way to tie plants to trellises and guide their growth. That’s because they are both soft and stretchy, leaving room to grow. 

13. Mind Your Page: Hair Tie Bookmarks 

A colorful hair tie can stretch vertically around your latest read for a bookmark that won’t bend or damage your pages. 

14. Tie-Dye with TIY

Tie-dying fabric at home makes for a great creative outlet. With the ability to custom-size our hair ties, you can get extra creative when it comes to binding those bundles.

15. Turn That T-Shirt Into a Crop Top

Hair ties have long been a great on-the-go way to modify a T-shirt. Our colorways make it easy to blend your hair tie with your top or let it stand out. 

16. Secure Food Bags

Nix the plastic clips and secure open food bags with a hair tie instead. 

17. Napkin Rings

Hair ties make for dainty, elegant and inexpensive napkin rings.

18. Emergency Money Clip

If you find yourself with a wad of cash (lucky!) and no good way to store it in your pocket, simply roll it up and secure it with a hair tie.

19. Curtain Tie-Backs

Let the light in by using TIY hair ties as curtain tie-backs. Simply cut a length of TIY that works for a quick, simple solution, or weave together different colors for a bohemian, homemade flair.

20. Drink Markers

Got company but no washable markers? No problem! Use different colored hair ties to mark drinks.

21. Keep Stationary Bound

Turn your junk drawer into a cute, highly organized dream drawer by binding loose stationary together with a simple hair tie.

TIY: Give the Gift of Versatility

That’s a whole lot of ways to use a simple hair tie! Give the gift of versatility this holiday season with TIY. Ready to browse our selection? Shop TIY BASIC or TIY PRO here

You can join us on Instagram and Twitter for TIY updates, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for hair inspiration, tips and tutorials. 

Our community never ceases to amaze us with creative uses for our hair ties. Have you found a way to use TIY that we forgot to mention here? Let us know in the comments!

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