Best Hair Ties for Thick Hair

hair ties for thick hair

Those blessed with thick hair know taming that mane can be a challenge. Stretched out hair ties, snapped elastics and sad, sagging ponytails are just a few of the annoyances that put a damper on sporting those thick, luscious locks.

When it comes to thick hair, TIY hair ties are the side-kick you need in your bag. Our hair ties work with any hair length, texture and volume to provide maximum hold and headache-free comfort all day long. Best of all, TIY hair ties are fully customizable. That’s right. You can custom cut our hair ties to the perfect length for your hair, allowing you to create up to four loops for thick hair bliss. Want to learn how to loop it? Check out this video guide to see what makes TIY the best hair ties for thick hair. Ready to shop? Buy TIY hair ties now.

Hairstyles for Thick Hair

All thick hair is not made equal. From sleek, straight strands to bouncing curls, thick hair means your styling options are just about endless. Whether you need your hair to stay put or you want those tresses on full display, keeping a list of go-to hairstyles for thick hair will help you rock up to any occasion with confidence. 

Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair


Long, thick hair provides plenty of style choices. Whether you prefer to wear your hair up or down, TIY hair ties can help elevate any look. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles for long thick hair:  

  • The High Ponytail — A timeless classic. We can’t argue with a good old-fashioned high ponytail. This style is easy to create, keeps hair out of your face and works for any occasion.  
  • High Pigtails — Bust out those Harley Quinn vibes with a set of high pigtails. This fun summer look pairs well with bright colors and helps keep thick hair manageable.
  • Loose Waves — Long, thick hair lends itself to luscious, loose waves for a laid back, beachy vibe. Accessorize this look with a custom TIY hair tie headband for a pop of color and extra style control.
  • Braids — Braids can help tamp down on volume and lock your hair in place when you need to focus. Sport long, thick braids or roll them up in a braided bun and secure with your favorite color of TIY hair tie.
  • Sleek Bun — Take a sleek bun from the office to the gym or rock this elegant updo for a night out. The key to a gorgeous, sleek bun is a hair tie that won’t quit.

Hairstyles for Thick, Wavy Hair

Thick, wavy hair means you have tons of volume to play with. Try out these hairstyles:

  • An Accessorized Updo — Accessorize any updo with a pop of color and texture from your TIY hair ties. 
  • The Messy Bun — A voluminous, glorious messy bun is the ultimate get-it-done look. Style-savvy hair queens know there’s a big difference between a messy bun and sagging mess. Keep your top knot in place with a TIY hair tie so you can rock this effortless look all day (and all night) long like a pro. 
  • Braided Double Buns — Braided double buns perched high on that glorious crown of yours are fun and playful, and they add texture to your look.
  • Half-Up, Half-Down — Get the best of both worlds by separating the top layers of your hair into a ponytail or bun and letting the rest cascade down your shoulders.  

half up half down

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

You don’t need long locks to enjoy the versatility thick hair offers. Check out these short styles for thick hair: 

  • Layered Bob — A short, layered bob creates an energetic style that lets your hair move with you. 
  • A Perm — In case you missed the memo, perms are back in a big way. A short perm creates a throwback look that’s full of life and as unique as you are. 
  • Pixie Cut — A stylish pixie cut that’s heavily layered will decrease bulk and look snazzy as all get out. The natural volume thick hair creates is perfect for this gorgeous style. 

Medium-Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Medium-length manes look great like this:

  • Half-Up, Half-Down — Split those locks between a top knot or ponytail and let the rest hang free.
  • Long Bob — A long bob with layers can help keep thick hair manageable. 
  • Deep Side Part — Line up a side part with the highest point of your eyebrow to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones.

Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Extra thick hair ties are the name of the game when it comes to keeping your hair locked in, no matter what. TIY hair ties were designed with athletes in mind. On a mission to remove hair distractions from the field, the TIY team spent two years testing our hair ties for thick hair to make sure they provide damage-free support for luxurious hair on the move. Manufactured with a high-quality elastomer core, TIY hair ties won’t stretch out or break, and they’ll never leave you with a sagging hairstyle the way all those other hair ties do. Seriously. Dump them. It’s time to move on. TIY has your back. 

Our TIY Tribe is an inclusive community of diverse, bold individuals making their mark on the world. We’re all about uplifting each other, celebrating accomplishments and sharing our favorite hair hacks to help keep your head in the game — whether you’re on the field, hitting those work goals or painting the town red.    

How to Tie Really Thick Hair

The secret to tying really thick hair is using a hair tie that won’t break, stretch out or damage your hair. TIY hair ties allow you to cut a length of elastic that works for your style. We recommend tying thick hair with a four-loop hair tie for maximum hold. 

TIY: The Best Hair Accessories for Thick Hair

The reviews are in, and we think you’ll like them! TIY hair ties are the best hair accessories for thick hair.  Contact TIY here with questions or visit us online to learn more. Find us on Instagram and Facebook for more hair inspiration and pro tips.

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