Best Hair Ties for Working Out

Andrea Nucete-Elliott wears TIY, the best hair ties for working out.

Let’s be real. Nothing beats a good workout. From that instant mood-lift to helping us stay healthy, working out on the reg has more benefits than Law & Order has episodes. Whether you prefer to sweat it out at a gym sesh, the local track or with an at-home HITT workout (thanks, YouTube), you’ll probably have to do something with those luscious locks. 

TIY custom hair ties were originally designed to eliminate hair distractions for athletes. Noticing how often incredible female competitors had to pause and fix their hair, the TIY founders — pro athletes and coaches themselves — decided to do something about it. After literal years of research and testing, TIY custom hair ties found their current form. 

In case you’re new to TIY, here’s the lowdown: 

  • TIY BASIC — When you order TIY BASIC, your product arrives as a 36-inch-long strand of our high-quality elastomer core hair ties. You can cut a hair tie of any length and tie your custom hair tie with as many loops as it takes to secure your hair.
  • TIY PRO — When you order TIY PRO, you’ll receive a 42-inch-long strand of TIY in a compact case with a built-in hair tie cutter. TIY Pro is perfect for creating custom hair ties on-the-go, and our compact containers are easy to find in any gym bag.

TIY hair ties were made to be versatile. You can create a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair tie, depending on the length, volume and texture of the style you rock. Need extra small hair ties for fine hair or miniature braids? You can count on TIY. Need jumbo hair ties to secure dreadlocks or box braids? We’ve got you covered there, too.     

Workout Hair Ties

No one understands the struggle of finding the ultimate workout hair ties better than pro athletes and Olympians. Here at TIY, we are avid supporters of active lifestyles, and we’re proud to have some of the very best sports icons as TIY ambassadors. You can get to know just a few of these amazing women in sports below:

Team USA sailing pro Lara Dallman-Weiss endures rigorous training in the humid, salty ocean air. Lara’s hair journey brought her to TIY, and we’re thrilled to hear how our product helps her tame those hair monsters.  

Gold medal Olympian Chiaka Ogbogu never ceases to amaze us on the volleyball court. We love having Chi as a TIY ambassador and keeping up with her gorgeous hairstyles. Chi was initially drawn to the wide variety of vibrant colors we offer, but once she tried our product out on the court, she never looked back. Volleyball is a high-impact, full-body sport. Athletes like Chi have no time for hair distractions, and neither do we. Check out Chi’s video tutorial on how she ties a three-loop hair tie, and feel free to peruse her latest TIY color crush: TIY Wine O’ Clock

If anyone knows how to rock a signature hair tie color, it’s Colleen Quigley with TIY: Mint Your Business — our fresh, mint-colored hair ties. We love seeing all the ways this incredible Olympian runner uses TIY custom hair ties to help her stay on track. Colleen shares her hair journey here.

Best Hair Ties for Workouts

The best hair ties for workouts are a bit of a unicorn. We could go on and on (and on) about what we believe goes into making the best hair tie for an active lifestyle, but these are the top attributes we’ve identified and incorporated into TIY custom hair ties: 

  • Durability — The ultimate hair ties for workouts need to be durable, refusing to break even in high-impact situations.
  • Versatility — A great hair tie is a versatile one. Whether you need to throw your hair back in a quick ponytail, secure a heavy bun or keep box braids safe, the ability to custom-size your tie for the job is key. 
  • High Elasticity — Elasticity matters in a major way. It’s what makes the difference between a generic drugstore hair tie that snaps (or leaves unsightly creases in your hair) and a hair tie that yields to your needs.
  • Damage-Free — This one’s a biggie. We believe the ultimate sports hair ties should always leave your hair healthy and free of damage. Keeping those tresses locked in place should never come at the expense of your hair health. That’s why TIY hair ties are super soft and don’t utilize harsh glue or metal clasps. 

We’ll admit it. Our hair ties are awesome. But did you know that you can use TIY for more than just your hair? Try out this fun DIY hair tie bracelet for your next arts and crafts project, or make it a team-building activity and spread those good camaraderie vibes. TIY hair tie bracelets make for a super cute accessory that doubles as a hair tie on the fly. Mix and match your favorite gorgeous hair tie colors to your outfit, team uniform or mood.  

Best Way to Tie Short Hair Back for Workout

We love a good short style, but we also know short hair can be a bit tricky to manage when it comes to working out. Don’t sweat it, sis. You can use TIY hair ties to craft a DIY hair tie headband that’ll hold that short hair back and help you look darn good while doing so. 

If the top section of your hair is long enough to gather into a high ponytail, you can try out the classic samurai ponytail or bun. This style may leave out short hair closer to the nape of your neck, but it’s highly effective in keeping longer strands out of your face and eyes while you burn calories. If your style allows it, you can always attempt short pigtails or the perfect pair of Dutch braids.

How to Tie Up Curly Hair for Workouts

Curly hair comes in many forms, from laid-back waves to energetic, tight coils. If you’re wondering how to tie up curly hair for workouts, we’ve got you covered. Check out this awesome vid by Domiziana Mazzoni on how to put curly hair in a bun in 30 seconds. 

We find that a bun variety, where you opt for a pineapple hairstyle or a low bun, can help mitigate frizz, all while keeping those curls out of your face. If your hair is more wavy than curly, a loose braid is a great option, as it won’t stress or change your natural hair texture.      

One of our founding goals at TIY is to ensure that our hair ties work for all hair types. We’re happy to report TIY custom hair ties are a smash hit with our curly-haired customers. We absolutely love this rave review from happy TIY customer Tracey:

I’m So Happy with my TIY

These are hands down, the best hair ties EVER! I have pretty curly hair, and they don’t get tangled in my hair like other ones. And her customer service is hands down the best! Will be purchasing more colors.

We love to see it. With our curated color mixes, you can have a TIY hair tie ready for any occasion.

Best Way to Tie Up Hair When Working Out

Gym time means GO TIME. When you’re committed to your workout routine, you want to show up with your whole self ready for action. That includes a workout-ready ‘do. Here’s a roundup of our all-time favorites:

  • High Ponytail — A classic style, the high ponytail is a great way to capture long bangs.
  • French Braid — French braids are super cute. Not only do they keep hair flat and out of your way, they help lock down layers of varying lengths.
  • High Bun — Secure your hair into a high bun for a sleek, aerodynamic look and feel.
  • Low Ponytail/Headband Combo — A low-stress low ponytail is quick and easy. Combine this look with a TIY headband to trap face-framing strands and you’re good to go.

Best Hair Ties for Breakage: Ponytails While Working Out

The classic ponytail is a great go-to hairstyle for working out. We love it so much that we wrote a whole blog post on eight ways to rock a ponytail. Whether you like it high, low, messy or sleek, you can make it happen with TIY. Our hair ties are made with a super soft yet durable elastomer core. With the ability to custom-size our product to fit your style, you can count on damage-free hair support. Check out our video tutorial on how to put your hair in a damage-free ponytail.

TIY: Best Hair Ties for Working Out

We won’t deny it. We make the best hair ties for working out. From the office to the Olympic podium, TIY is helping women (and men!) everywhere focus on what matters to them. Our amazing TIY Tribe spans the globe, and we love the inspiring, inclusive community growing around our product. You can join the movement by following along on Instagram or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

If you’re ready to shop, you can ORDER TIY BASIC here, or level up your game when you SHOP TIY PRO

Do you have your own hair journey to share? Let us know in the comments.

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