Women in the Olympics: Girlpower & TIY

women in the olympics

With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics over, we can’t help but feel a bit sad. We loved watching our favorite athletes give it their all—passion, focus and perseverance. The TIY team is so grateful to the incredible Olympians who reached out on social media and in person to let us know they had TIY right there with them, helping them on their Olympic journey. 

Since the days of ancient Greece, the Olympic Games have provided a space to celebrate the finest athletic accomplishments. Our founding goal here at TIY was specifically to help athletes eliminate hair distractions so they could focus on their performance. So, what’s the verdict after watching such inspiring feats by those using our products throughout the Games this year? Mission accomplished, that’s what.   

Olympic Women

Those who know us understand TIY is all about diversity and inclusion. Our team couldn't be more proud to #spottheknot on female athletes from all over the world—all competing in such varied competitions. From Olympians representing Team USA to those competing for Italy, Brazil, Turkey and more, we’re ecstatic to be part of something that unites us all — the drive to become the very best versions of ourselves.      

2021 Volleyball Olympians



We couldn’t be happier for beach volleyball teammates April Ross and Alix Klineman after the pair secured a gold medal win with their excellent performance against Australia in Tokyo this year.


Speaking of excellence, Chiaka Ogbogu is a volleyball star who helped Team USA secure a 3–0 victory in their gold medal match against Brazil. Chiaka is one of our incredible TIY ambassadors and we couldn’t be more proud to support her on the court. Check out this video to learn more about Chi’s hair journey with TIY.




2021 Gymnastics Olympians

Gymnastics star Grace McCallum earned Team USA Olympic silver in Tokyo this year. Grace made our day by reaching out to let us know she used TIY in all of her competitions, expressing that this was the first time she didn’t have to worry about her hair falling out. This wonderful message from Grace highlights exactly why we do what we do. Well done, Grace! 

2021 Female Track Athletes

Canadian track and field star Sage Watson specializes in the 400 meter hurdles and 4 x 400 meter relay events. Sage overcame a back injury just two months before the Olympic competition, beating the odds and qualifying for the 4 x 400 meter relay finals. Sage’s strength exemplifies the grit and perseverance it takes to be one of the very best athletes in the world. 

2021: The Year of the Female Athlete

Nearly 11,000 athletes gave it their all at this year’s Olympic Games, and roughly 49% of them were women. That means the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games stand out among previous competitions as the first gender-balanced Games in history. That’s a big deal for the women who worked tirelessly to earn a spot among the world’s most accomplished athletes. We’re ready to make every year the year of the female athlete. Are you?

Athletic Hair Ties: TIY Products Are Made for You!

In case you don’t know, here’s the lowdown on TIY: our custom hair ties provide maximum hold without damaging your hair. These babies are made with a high-quality elastomer core that won’t stretch out or snap on you. What’s more, our hair ties work for every hair type and texture, and they’re available in a range of vibrant, gorgeous colors. 

When you receive your TIY hair tie product, you can cut your hair tie the exact length you need to make your hair goals a reality. Then, simply tie a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair tie. TIY can even be used to create custom accessories like a DIY hair tie headband or a custom hair tie bracelet

Our product was designed and tested by world-class athletes, and they’ve made it all the way to the Olympic podium. That means they work! Are you ready to get on this level? SHOP TIY BASIC or SHOP TIY PRO NOW and don’t forget to join the TIY Tribe on Instagram and Facebook. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for hair inspiration and style tips from our incredible ambassadors.

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