Hair Health During the Holidays

Hair Health During the Holidays

‘Tis the season of joy, family gatherings and holiday stress. The holidays are famously — or infamously, perhaps — a chaotic time in our lives. While we all want to look our best during this magical time, busy schedules tend to put self-care practices like maintaining hair health low on the list. That’s why we’ve gathered the best hair care tips from athletes on the go. Read on to learn how you can keep those luscious locks rocking ‘round the clock this holiday season.

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Tips for Healthy Hair This Holiday Season

Hair care starts with self-care, and we know this gets tough around the holidays. Fear not, gorgeous goddess, we’ve got you covered. Dazzle the fam with healthy, shiny hair at every gathering by working these tips into your schedule: 

Water Temperature

Nothing beats a hot shower at the end of a long day, but don’t let that water get too steamy for your own good! Scalding hot water can damage your skin and hair, cause scalp problems like dandruff and increase general oiliness. 

While you still need water that’s warm enough to remove dirt and grime, experts suggest the optimal water temperature for healthy hair is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only slightly above your average body temperature. If you do need warmer water to properly unwind, you can always don a shower cap and turn up the heat (just not too much!). 

Other shower-related hair woes include hard water, which can leave traces of mineral buildup and dry out your hair. Treating hard water with a softener, installing a water filter and using shampoos specifically meant to remove mineral buildup can help rectify the issue. It’s also important not to stay in the shower for too long, as too much water absorption can cause your strands to swell and break.

Specialty Hair Care Products

Here at TIY, we pride ourselves on the fact that our hair ties work for every hair type, texture, length and volume. That said, finding specialty hair care products that work for YOUR tresses can be priceless when it comes to finding the best shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and styling products. 

Take some time to investigate your hair type and seek out hair care items specifically designed to solve common issues related to your hair type (we all have them!). Aside from what you put in your hair, how you style it matters in a big way. Make the most of your mane with hairstyles for thin hair, hairstyles for thick hair and these lifestyle hacks for healthier hair

Stress and Fatigue

Finding the perfect gifts for your most cherished loved ones, cooking up holiday feasts, traveling, traffic jams — if your eye started twitching just from reading that, you’re not alone. The holidays are A LOT, and it’s important to cut yourself some well-earned slack. Stress and fatigue affect every aspect of our health, and our hair is no different. From hair loss to locks that lose their luster, avoid stress-related hair issues by living this mantra: rest is best.

Make important self-care practices like de-stressing at the end of the day and getting enough shut-eye a top priority. Even 10 minutes of yoga or meditation will help you maintain your zen amidst those colorful family dynamics. Keep up with good sleep hygiene practices, like sticking to a consistent bedtime, getting at least seven hours of sleep every night and avoiding screens for at least an hour before bed.  

Nutrition and Hair Health

Your diet directly impacts your hair. This is another area of our lives that can get bowled over by the holidays. Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t indulge in the glorious array of holiday feasts and desserts that keep us all content this time of year — just don’t neglect getting essential nutrients that support hair health, like these:

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • B vitamins
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Biotin

Don’t forget to scoop extra veggies onto that holiday plate, opt for homemade foods instead of processed and look for healthier alternatives to your favorite holiday staples. We also highly recommend that you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Serums and Creams

If you live in the northern hemisphere, the holidays coincide with a colder, drier climate. This time of year often has us running errands, shopping and traveling in rather undesirable weather. All this action inevitably takes a toll on our hair. Combine this constant exposure to dry, harsh elements with frequent styling, and you’ve got yourself some stressed out tresses.

This is where moisturizing serums and creams are your greatest sidekicks. Hair serums are light styling products in liquid form, and they work wonders by adding moisture and nutrition to your hair. A serum can travel with you to help control frizz and breathe life back into your hair on the go. 

Heavier creams like hair masks can be applied and left in your hair overnight. If you plan on being out in wet or snowy conditions, applying a leave-in hair mask, serum or cream will prevent your hair from absorbing salt and outdoor water.  

Damage-Free Hair Ties for the Holidays

All that hard work you put into caring for your hair can be undone in a moment if you slack on high-quality hair ties. Whether you’re crafting meticulous braids or tossing your hair into a messy bun on the fly, damage-free hair ties are where it’s at. 

Our mission here at TIY is to provide the most efficient, versatile and hair-friendly hair ties on the planet. We’ve invested years into researching and developing the perfect hair ties for athletes, which means TIY can handle the holidays. Our hair ties have a super stretchy, soft elastomer core, and you can custom-size TIY to suit your hair needs perfectly. That means no more squeezing your hair into a hair tie stretched to oblivion, and no more snapping, knotting or breakage. 

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