Hair Ties for Every Hair Style: Orange Cake

TIY orange cake hair ties

Orange combines the sunshine of yellow with the fierce energy of red. This bright, vibrant hue symbolizes happiness, creativity and, most of all, determination. Sure to attract attention as the main focus in any situation, orange is for those who simply won’t sit down and blend in with the masses. 

TIY Orange Cake hair ties represent all things vibrant, joyous and tropical, but with a softer touch than its slightly darker, brighter counterpart, TIY Burnt Orange. Our Orange Cake custom hair ties are perfect for those who can’t help but exude a quiet strength and a subtle yet powerful magnetism. 

Orange Accessories

From silk ribbons and headscarves to handmade dried orange flower pins on Etsy, orange hair accessories will add a pop of brilliant color to your crown any day of the week. Complete the theme with TIY orange hair ties to style a high ponytail, messy bun or bodacious braids that’ll stay put, no matter what. 

Short-haired goddesses need not have FOMO. Our fully customizable hair ties work beautifully for any hair length and texture. Style that powerful short crop with a DIY hair tie headband to make all your color dreams come true. 

(Better Than) Orange Elastic Hair Ties

If you’ve settled for elastic hair ties as a way to get your color fix in the past, we don’t need to tell you that the fun stops when it’s time to take them out. Split ends, knots, dents and damage that takes months to grow out can haunt your summer. On top of the sad and sometimes painful legacy elastic hair ties leave behind, they’re prone to stretching out, snapping or losing their hold right when you need hair support the most. 

TIY hair ties were initially designed for athletes. Our high-quality, elastomer core custom ties won’t damage your hair and won’t stretch out. The driving force behind TIY is to eliminate hair distractions on and off the field. That means when you secure your style with one of our athletic hair ties, your tresses will stay the course for as long as you need to keep your head in the game.

Orange Fashion: Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

Orange is a power tool in any style kit. The orange fashion trend is far from over, with everyone from the Olsen twins to Zendaya sporting this undeniably hot color of summer. The fashion-forward among us can even spice things up with the tropical combination of the pink and orange fashion trend — just add our TIY Electric Pink hair ties to complete the look. 

TIY hair ties can support hairstyles for any hair texture and length. With our orange custom-sized hair ties, you can match your outfit or create a pop of color that plays beautifully against solid neutrals. Add in a custom hair tie bracelet to tie it all together and you’re golden, baby.  

Sports Teams with Orange Colors and Accessories

Fashion pros and red carpet celebs aren’t the only ones who see the value in getting decked out in one of the boldest colors out there. Sports teams like WNBA competitors Connecticut Sun and MLB pros the San Francisco Giants stand out on the field and celebrate their fierce determination with bright orange team colors. TIY hair ties were made for pro athletes, office extraordinaires, hard workers and anyone who needs to GET IT DONE in style. 

No Break: No Fear = Orange Cake TIY Hair Ties

Our hair ties are soft, durable and versatile — just like our Orange Cake colorway. Manufactured with a high-quality elastomer core and tested by athletes for two years, TIY hair ties are a dream come true. With TIY custom hair ties, you can lock your style in place without worrying about hair damage, breakage or a sagging ‘do. Simply cut the perfect length of hair tie you need for your hair and tie a one-, two- or four-loop hair tie depending on your hair length, volume and texture.

Join us on Instagram, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel for hair inspiration from some of our favorite athletes and Olympians. If you’re ready to get your Orange Cake on, Shop TIY Basic here, or level up your game with one of our TIY Pro color options.

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