Mint Your Business

Mint Your Business

Cool and fresh, crisp and vibrant, mint is a gorgeous, light shade of green named after the beloved plant. This vibrant hue is as full of energy as you are — and just as unique. Our TIY Mint Your Business custom hair ties are an ode to summer, to signature styles and to you. 

Mint Green Hair Ties

Mint green hair ties can elevate your style in an instant, taking the concept of “hair tie” from drab to fab with a dash of cool-toned brilliance. Mint green is a fun, unique hair tie color you won’t find at the drugstore. We love the way our Mint Your Business line of fully customizable hair ties can help bold, bright individuals show off their personalities and customize their own signature look. 

Mint green is eye-catching and makes an excellent accent color that’s sure to stand out in the crowd. Ready to style it? SHOP TIY MINT GREEN HAIR TIES NOW.     

Mint Green Hair Accessories

Mint is less intense than a bright green, which makes it easy to style with a variety of other colors. Make your mint green hair accessories work for you by playing them off against complementary colors or starring them as the focal point of your look. This hue pairs wonderfully with pastels like lilac, blue, pink and yellow. If it’s a dazzling pop of color you’re looking for, it’s good to know mint works as a neutral match with white and lighter, brighter shades of gray.

While it’s easy to create a sweet, romantic look with such a soft color, you can always play it off against denim or bold, dark clothing items to show your edgier side some love. TIY custom mint green hair ties can be sized, cut and tied to create perfect hair ties or even a DIY hair tie headband.  

Rubber Band Hairstyles (Using TIY Instead)

From messy buns and box braids to bubble braids — Princess Jasmine, anyone? — rubber band hair styles are fun, quirky and intricate. Rubber band elastics have long been favored for their vibrant colors and versatile sizing options. The downside, of course, is that rubber bands wreak havoc on your hair. One cute hairstyle worn for a night out or an afternoon date might cost you months of repairing hair damage, hoping you can restore your tresses to their former glory. With TIY custom hair ties, you can have the best of both worlds.

Our hair ties are super soft, made from a durable, elastomer core that offers maximum stretchiness and, best of all, they are fully customizable. Just cut the perfect length of hair tie you need, tie a one-, two-, or four-loop hair tie and hit the town. TIY hair ties can be as small and tight or as big and loose as you need them to be. They’re the perfect hairstyle sidekick and they won’t fall out, stretch out or damage your hair.  

Easy Hairstyles with a Light Green Hair Tie

Green is a color of renewal, vibrance and energy. There are so many ways to sport these sentiments with a light green hair tie. If you need some hair inspo to get you started, check out our blog post 8 Ways to Rock a Ponytail or enjoy this deep dive into hair styles for every hair texture. If all else fails, we always recommend looking to the stars as expert style guides. That’s why we love the way Lupita Nyong’o wore TIY hair ties while promoting her children’s book Sulwe in NYC.  

Sports Teams with Mint Green

TIY hair ties were designed by athletes, for athletes to minimize hair distractions on and off the field. Our vibrant color options are all selected with the spirit of style and sportsmanship in mind. That’s why we love to see how athletes, Olympians and professional sports teams use colors like mint green to create and celebrate their signature identities. The Charlotte Hornets of North Carolina made a big splash when they unveiled their dazzling mint City Edition sports uniforms for the 2020–21 NBA season. 

Of course, we can’t forget the way TIY ambassador and epic Olympian Colleen Quigley rocks our mint green hair ties like it’s nobody’s business. Colleen is an American middle-distance runner and Olympic veteran who inspires us every day. 

Shop Custom Mint Green Hair Ties from TIY   

For more hair tips and style inspiration from the greats, check out our Instagram, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’re proud to be your good hair day go-to with the perfect combination of style and substance. Make your ode to summer with TIY Mint Your Business hair ties this season. BUY MINT GREEN HAIR TIES NOW. 

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