Raspberry Beret: Stylish Hair Ties by TIY

raspberry beret hair ties

Want a stylish end of summer hair tie color that holds up to a day in the sun or a night at a club? Raspberry beret is the perfect color to enhance your ensemble: whether it’s a killer sweatsuit or a kickin’ mini. Say “oui” to this picture-perfect shade, and get an elastic hair tie like you’ve never experienced before. 

C'est vrai: TIY hair ties are like nothing you’ve ever used before.


A Better Hair Tie

Drugstore hair ties thin out, snap and are definitely not hair-type friendly. As ladies who have rocked our fair share of braids and dreads, or who live with thick, thin or curly hair: the world should do us better. It didn’t, so we made our own hair ties. Because that’s what women do.

Our problem-solving efforts took two years and paid off big time, with a totally one-of-a-kind, 100%, long-lasting hair tie that you have to TRY to BELIEVE. 

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And now our world-famous hair ties come in oh-so-sweet-with-a-little-sass pink: Raspberry beret. Light on the cream; heavy on the raspberry.

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raspberry beret hair tie

Creamy Pink: Hair Tie Dreams

Here’s what we were thinking:

  • Vanilla cream, with a generous swirl of raspberry jam. 
  • The firm bite and sweet stringiness of a summertime raspberry taffy. 
  • A silky smooth but totally filling after-workout fruit smoothie.

See, it’s the all-important fruity punch that adds just the right sharpness. Kind of like us.

That’s what raspberry beret is all about: the sweet and sassy style of women worldwide!

At TIY, we make hair ties for real women who live their lives out loud. Even though we serve a lot of medal-winning, high-performing female athletes, we know that each one of them also has a sweet side. This blend of traits is really what it means to be a woman, living heart-first with immense grit in a world of possibilities.



A Little Tart - Show Off Your Hairstyle

We are picturing Raspberry Beret as a perfect hair accessory for a few different looks, like these:

Poufy Ponytail

Get some retro (dare we say Parisian) glam with a poufy ponytail. Tease the hair around your crown then pull back your ponytail to about the middle of your head. If you want to get some serious SJP vibes, you can tease the ponytail itself for an ultra fab look. Wrap it up with your TIY hair tie to be sure there’s no slippage.

Single Braids

Braids are everywhere, and we are here for it. Two braided hair styles in particular have us feeling heart-eyed:

  1. A wispy, French country girl style braid straight down your back. Simply loosen the hair around your head and gather it at the nape of your neck. Braid down and secure with your Raspberry Beret TIY.
  2. A single braid from the forehead, tied back into a high ponytail. We saw the Olympic ladies gymnastics team do this and we loved it! Separate about an inch of hair at your forehead, and pull the section up and back. Braid it and then achieve the perfect high ponytail with your new perfectly pink hair tie.

For all of these styles, you need to be sure you loop it right. TIY can be single, double, triple or even quadruple looped (we’re looking at you Chiaka). Don’t worry: it’s not like you need major knotting skills. It’ll take 10 seconds: go to our YouTube channel for tons of how-to videos.

Style On: Buy Hair Ties by TIY

We couldn’t be more excited (and proud) of the community of disruptors, game-changers, moms, lifestyle gurus, fashionistas and all-around stars that are part of Team TIY. Every one of us wins everyday when we live out our purpose. 

Our small part is to give you a hair accessory that can make you look and feel your best. Just like us, you are out there doing your part to love hard, play hard and work hard… and we think you’re awesome. Plain and simple.

Not sure how many loops you need, or want more ideas for how to rock TIY with any hair type? We are a global brand, meaning women from every culture and hair type buy TIY hair ties… and ours is the only hair tie that can help them all. 

Be sure to fill out the pop-up quiz on our site to get our TIY newsletter, and get your shop on and support something positive that helps women worldwide!

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